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Russian media: Russian American interests are ungrateful to have bad luck – the Sohu for Russian Military Channel in Syria bombing. Reference News Network reported on October 26th: Russia’s "independent" website published in October 19th, the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of world economics and international relations chief expert Alexander? An article frolov, entitled "Syria test", titled "why the conflict in the Middle East to the United States more important than Ukraine", the Syria war is no longer as follows: only regional events, but has all the characteristics of geopolitical confrontation. In fact, 10 years ago, Syria is also seen as the mediation of Arabia – Israel conflict on the second line of the country. Now things have changed dramatically, especially since the region has taken on the interests of the United states. To clarify the situation and find a way out, we must explain several important issues. The first question concerns the domestic situation in Syria. It is said that Syria was ruled by the Allawi minority, which is undemocratic and therefore illegal and should be changed. At present, about 70% of Syria’s population is Sunni Muslim, 10% Christian factions, 10% alawites, as well as a small amount of ismailism. From the national constitution, Kurds (9%), Druze (3%), Turkmen (less than 3%) and fewer nation. The problem is that in many Middle Eastern countries, maintaining power is not a recognized European democratic principle, but an informal agreement between the authorities and local groups and tribes. This is a more complex relationship mechanism, often fall apart. This can be used to describe an English proverb: if a button is wrong, the rest is not buckle. Lebanon is a clear example, followed by the chaos of Libya. The second point is that the United States is working on a peace settlement plan in Syria. In this regard, the United States policy in Syria many people feel no logic. In fact, it’s very logical. Did the Americans themselves not sum up the results of the color revolutions in Arabia? They realize that western style democracy in the region The climate does not suit one. At this stage, the Democratic Party of the United States is not the most interested in peace in Syria, not Syria itself, not Russia, but to win the presidential election. In the heated debate between presidential candidates in both parties, the balance of victory is wavering. Trump has accused Democrats of losing their policy one after another: Afghanistan, iraq. Democrats have been blamed for the failure of Iran’s nuclear program, and it is now time to freeze $150 billion of Iran’s huge overseas assets. In view of this, the Democrats have not "give up" in Syria, because Syria’s peaceful means that Russia’s victory, Russia’s victory is seen as the failure of the United states. The third argument is that the United States did not do a good job in the opposition in Syria, the moderate opposition can not be separated from the extremists. The so-called moderate opposition and the Assad army, the pursuit of a different world outlook. Few people are aware of these world views, including the United States experts and intelligence personnel. They knew. In other words.相关的主题文章: