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Run burst table mysterious new machine, broken Bunny ever recorded – technology industry there is a Sohu to a mysterious new machine, run smash Bunny (AnTuTu) has intelligent mobile phone records, creating unprecedented run of 200 thousand. Speculation that this super powerful aircraft, perhaps Samsung second generation flagship machine "Galaxy S8". PhoneArena, Android Headlines Ricciolo blog reports, twitter broke the news that there is a bunny run of equipment up to 203737. The bunny is iPhone Plus 7 intelligent mobile phone overlord, run into 172644 iPhone 7; second, run score of 170124, two models are equipped with TSMC A10 chip foundry production. Mysterious new machine running points overwhelmed the new iPhone, and refresh the record, triggering heated debate. Ricciolo claims that the new machine in the first quarter of 2017. Android Headlines pointed out that such a high running point is unlikely to be MediaTek processor, MediaTek focus on energy efficiency, emphasizing low power consumption, it should not launch a super chip power consumption. HUAWEI Unicorn processor probability is not high, because the HUAWEI Mate 9 running points and the difference is too far away. Reported that, in view of the time, you should also not Qualcomm Xiaolong 830, so it seems that the only Samsung Exynos 8895 processor. It is said that S8 will in the global mobile communications conference (MWC February 2017) before the release of Exynos 8895, equipped with 10 nanometer process chip, powerful. But the report also called for all shaoanwuzao, maybe this mysterious device is not a smart mobile phone, but such as tablet and other Android equipment, such equipment run was higher than the smart mobile phone. If this machine is really smart mobile phone, unveiled at the Q1 next year, soon there will be more news. (by MoneyDJ authorized reprint news source: Flickr; the first figure K a rlis Dambr a nsCC BY 2) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: