Rooney will become the three lions first Beckham don’t give up to continue (video)-matlab 等高线�

Rooney will become the three lions first Beckham: don’t give up to continue the review of Rooney the wonderful goal peerless barb ultra long lob surprise four Beckham incentive Rooney Tencent sports news September 4th tomorrow morning, a contest of England national team ahead of the 2018 Russia World Cup European zone qualifying with the Slovakia team, Rooney is likely to as the main players debut. Once Rooney played, this is his 116th time on behalf of the England national team, he will also surpass to become the England national team in the history of the world’s most frequent players. In this memorable milepost before the game, Beckham in his INS specially for Rooney a blessing, and hope that the previously announced will quit the national team in the 2018 World Cup after Rooney could change his mind, continue to play for the three lions. Rooney young fame, he has become the England national team in the history of the highest scoring players, and the number of playing for England has reached 115, which also allowed and Beckham in the history of England are the most often played outfield players. The battle of Slovakia’s game is a milepost for Rooney, if played in this game, he will also become the history of England beyond Beckham played outfield players most times. Rooney is looking for his upcoming record breaking Beckham: "to create a new record that I am very excited, I’m just thinking of how to win the game. I believe that one day I will think of this record, but now my heart is only a game, nothing else. I have said many times that I am proud to play for England, and that pride has never changed since the first day I stepped into the England national team." Rooney, although you are the captain of the state of England Du, but the media and fans Tucao state of speech when it was not good news. In the eyes of many media and fans, Rooney’s current state of the game and the ability to match the identity of the England national team players. Although Rooney said playing for England proud, but advanced in age Rooney but in a few days ago announced in 2018 the Russian withdrawal from the national team after the world cup to play for Manchester united. Before Rooney is about to break the record, the England national team legend Beckham INS posted a photo of himself wearing a England shirt with the young Rooney in the game’s photo, and tried to persuade Rooney to give up the idea of leaving the national team, the three lions remain in effect. "Tonight, Rooney will be the most non – keeper in the history of the England national team. I keep hearing the news that Rooney must stop playing for the national team in order to extend his career and that Rooney should leave the England national team. Indeed, when one player has decided to retire from the national team, he should know how to play for your country it is the highest peak of an occupation player can achieve, when you wear the England national team jersey away from Wembley Stadium locker room, the proud unforgettable feeling. Don’t let anyone affect you, every child in the world dream of wearing the national team jersey, I hope you continue to fight until, I congratulate you, mate. ")相关的主题文章: