Ren Zeping real estate regulation must benefit from the stock market bond-3edyy

Ren Zeping: the real estate regulation benefit must be the stock market Zhang Qin "excessive pessimism on the stock market is wrong, also there is a wave of future bond market, the real estate regulation benefit is the stock market, the future debt, PPP and infrastructure can focus on the theme." In October 22nd, Guangdong Development Bank wealth forum, Founder Securities chief economist Ren Zeping said. Ren Zeping believes that the risk is up, the opportunity is down. The current stock market, the bond market, the housing market, only the stock market fell, and the release of more than a year of risk. So it is wrong to over pessimistic the stock market. Trend, the index of the market also need to wait for the next six months, the market is expected to shock the overall market." In Ren Zeping view, despite the shocks, the market still exists many investment opportunities, PPP, debt and infrastructure as the representative of the theme can focus on. For the bond market, Ren Zeping mentioned that this round of real estate regulation on the bond market is positive, the bond market in the future there is a wave of market. "Over the past year, real estate is undoubtedly the best asset. But note that the real estate regulation goal, not to suppress prices is to stabilize prices. So although the small cycle of housing prices rose to an end, but the big cycle is not over." Ren Zeping said. Ren Zeping believes that this round of real estate regulation for the economic impact or will soon. With the decline in real estate sales, China’s economy will face downward pressure. Most international organizations believe that China’s economic growth in 2017 will be less than 6.5%. "If you want to complete the 13th Five-Year plan mentioned, urban and rural residents per capita income doubled in 2020 target, the next four years China need to maintain the economic growth rate of 6.52%. If the growth rate of 6.5 next year, it means that the plan may not be completed." In Ren Zeping seems, it may have to rely on infrastructure, which will bring a new round of structural investment opportunities for the market. Ren Zeping also mentioned that the real estate regulation will also enable banks to face pressure in the next year. 2016, the bank’s new loans, 60%-70% are from the mortgage, with real estate sales callback and cooling, the bank’s asset allocation in 2017 will increase the pressure. "This year we say asset shortage, next year may be more scarce." He said. He mentioned that in 2017 the bank financial yield is expected to continue downward, and outsourcing business demands will increase. The bond market and the stock market at the end of 2016 to 2017 there will be a high probability of incremental funding. On the RMB exchange rate, Ren Zeping believes that the current environment of China’s foreign exchange development, one is the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, another India economic take-off. All these provide opportunities and challenges for China’s economy. Due to the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to lead to stronger dollar, the RMB in the first quarter of a certain downward pressure." Ren Zeping mentioned that the devaluation of the exchange rate is not terrible, afraid of capital outflows, but as long as through a certain capital account control, the overall situation in the country will be controlled. Ren Zeping predicted that in 2017 China’s monetary policy will usher in the adjustment, or at the beginning of the year, the country will once again usher in RRR cut. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public search.相关的主题文章: