Reliance Jio To Launch Jio Money By Mid-december-chompoo araya

Business The tele. arm of Reliance Industries, Reliance Jio Info.m is set to roll out its digital wallet service in mid-December. Jio Money Digital Wallet Service The Mukesh Ambani-led .pany introduced its digital wallet service recently, at the eIndia Summit, held in Mumbai. The .pany revealed that Jio Money is supported with 4G small-cell technology. It will also be platform-independent. Through the Jio Money application, Reliance Jio aims to make all small shops receive cashless payments through smart phones. The .pany had partnered with the State Bank of India (SBI) to roll out its Jio Money digital wallet service. The application may be connected to bank accounts to allow users to enjoy the facility of anytime banking. Both Reliance Industries and SBI have given applications for a payments bank license. After the application is accepted, they will .mence financial services distribution and boost the business of Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail. Jio Money will provide plug-play integration kit for online and mobile market merchants. The merchants will enjoy services like integrated billing and payment system, accounts and bookkeeping, inventory management, customer profile, campaign management, online ordering, and credit management. Reliance Jiois focusing on content-streaming packages, as it wishes to stand out as a digital content .pany, to survive the intense .petition. Future of VoLTE Industry experts are of the opinion that Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) is the next big thing in the Indian smart phone market, after 4G devices. This technology lets customers use data over the network for voice calls. VoLTE may be initiated on a smart phone through a chipset and a software patch. At present, just a small number of Qual.m chipsets support VoLTE. According to Counterpoint Technology Market Research, nearly 2% of smartphones in the country are VoLTE-upgradeable or enabled. VoLTE phones in the country are sold at twice the price of a basic 4G phone, starting from INR 10,000. Operators having spectrum in the bands of 2300 MHz band may offer VoLTE. As per data from Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA), 30 mobile operators in 21 countries across the globe have launched similar networks. Reliance JiosVoLTE Reliance Jio holds spectrum in 2300 MHz band in all 22 circles of India. It is thus planning to offer VoLTEacross the entire country. A note from brokerage CLSA stated, Reliance Jio is the sole green-field launch with VoLTE while incumbent 4G will be an overlay with voice offerings on 2G or 3G. The 800 MHz spectrum trading deal (with Reliance .munications) and seamless implementation of VoLTE will be key for Reliance Jio’s voice offering. Reliance Retail will be introducing six new mobile phone models of 4G VoLTE in the market throughits own brand, LYF. By March, the .pany will .e up with another six models. Ahead of Reliance Jios launch in December, Reliance Retail has inked distribution agreements with .panies like LG, Intex, Lenovo, and Micromax for the sale of VoLTE mobile phones. Intex will be providing Reliance Jio with around 1 lakh VoLTE mobile handsets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: