Released in three consecutive Jingbian knife robbery jingfangxingju (video)-下北glory days

Released in three consecutive Jingbian knife robbery jingfangxingju newspaper correspondent Guo Shixia reported recently, Jingbian County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade uncovered a series of knife robbery since 3, and arrested 1 suspects. On the day of the incident, the Council command center received a public warning, said: someone in the North Street, a pharmacy with a knife robbery. The next few days, the county has taken place in two similar cases of armed robbery. After preliminary investigation, the police confirmed that the 3 cases of the same person. Recently, the police identified the number of days before being released a major crime suspects, and on the same day at 15 pm, the high of a suspect arrested, and seized the tools of crime. We found that: September 14th 22 am, a high in a pharmacy knife coercion female salesperson Wang, stole cash 1035.7 yuan. A few days later in a certain town Jingbian County high knife stress salesperson Liang, robbed the business section of more than 1600 yuan; in the West Street Jingbian County Maternal store clerk Liu knife cut hand, robbed the store business more than 1000 yuan. Currently, the suspect was detained by a high criminal detention. Note: video only for extended reading. Women calm to deal with a knife robbery accent to help solve the case相关的主题文章: