Reality Eagle catch chicken staged UAV invasion of the eagle was shot

The real "chicken" staged: the UAV was shot down in the eagle territory invaded the new network reality version of "chicken" eagle catches the first round of UAV was hovering in the air for a few seconds, 45 degrees above are flying in a black hawk, a dive, and Eagle UAV met, both open, no machine shake, hover the air, both sides played a tie. After the second round of the eagle detour, once again launched a dive, hit the UAV above. UAV propeller stopped rotating, falling from the height of 100 meters straight, the eagle turned to the depths of the bushes. Chengdu Daily reporter Huan Xiaohuai photography reported in October 22nd, after the Xiling Snow Mountain River Valley, a drone up to 100 meters high, buzzing noises in the mountain valley, alerted the Bush eagle. The eagle suddenly jump out of the Bush, toward the UAV launched two attacks. Although the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles have been aware of the public, want to control the UAV to avoid, but too late, after the two round, the UAV was shot down by the eagle. The Chengdu Bird Watching Society president Shen You believes that the impact of birds that live in the habitat of birds flying unmanned opportunity, and the eagle has a strong sense of territory, the drone was shot down may be an eagle, eagle that is breaking into the territory of the invaders". The drone crashed along the valley four hundred or five hundred meters. The search for the two round, Xue Ping finally found the UAV crashed, propeller with a lack of a residual cm hole, part of the host after the fall also fell out of a big hole, exposing the inside of the wire. There’s blood on the top. The eagle pecked." Xue Ping carrying UAVs, shook his head, toss about to view the damage. He borrowed from a friend of UAV, take advantage of the weekend in a valley Pingba flight, did not want to hit the mountain overlord". At around 3:30 in the afternoon, standing more than and 50 meters away, Mr. Zhang took the hands of a pear, a didn’t eat, the eagle and the UAV aerial battle let him all eyes. "I said what the eagle was pecking at." Mr. Zhang said that at first he did not know that the white air buzzing drone. According to Mr. Zhang described the UAV hovering just above 45 degrees while in the air, flew a black eagle, a dive, and Eagle UAV met together, both bounce, shake the UAV, hover the air, both sides played a tie. The eagle did not let go, circuitous half circle, once again launched a dive, hit the UAV above. UAV propeller stopped rotating, no sound, from a hundred meters altitude straight down. The eagle glides again, turned toward the trees, perched in the branches after a few seconds, flew to the depths of more trees. It is difficult to avoid when the UAV has been found in the eagle lock UAV in the air as the size of the moon cake, eagles are much bigger." Zhang said the eagle is indeed much larger than the UAV body. Xue Ping find UAV, quickly to a friend called, asking price. "To 6000 yuan." Xue Ping opened the trunk, the drone into the package, a propeller chipped, also in the host location.相关的主题文章: