Real Madrid lost 4 points in the 2 round of arch-criminal for three years in the same

Real Madrid 2 round lost 4 points arch-criminal for three years in the western media piaffe accused Valane of sina sports news "the first ball of Real Madrid, Valane can do what?" To draw at Lars Palmas in Madrid, Spain, "Aspen" hit the headlines, the newspaper that the French defender did not usher in their best day in Guantanamo goal before Valane rescue serious mistakes, let the former get a direct shot. The first Real Madrid tablets ball Real Madrid second ball, is a product of collective defense of God, and Valane should also bear some responsibility. Zidane after the game, although there is no criticism of any individual players, but also pointed out that the team is not focused on the last minute is fatal, in football, you have to concentrate on the final." Real Madrid second lost the ball after the game Valane was unanimously criticized by the media, the daily sports newspaper only gave Valane a score of 5, saying that the "collapse" of the". Comment said: "in the face of Lars Palmas’s attack, Valane poor performance, the other players let him more than once. He was lazy when he was on the pitch, he wanted to get rid of the ball at the foot." "Aspen" pointed out: "the failure of rescue varane game, leading the team is chasing opponents into 1 to 1 level, he let his teammates out at a loss what to do. When the opponent was forced to 2 to 2, he was unable to cut off Vincent’s pass to Arrau." Goal sports will Valane named the worst comment, said: "in his defence and poor performance, his mistakes let him at first in the thirty-eighth minute equaliser. He headed the rescue without the ball out of the box." The Spanish journalist Lucas navarette is shelling Valane Real Madrid lost 4 points arch-criminal, "Valane is the Real Madrid lost 2 points, the 3 day he has lost 4 points for real madrid." Valane said 3 days to get rid of Real Madrid is not no basis for the 4 points. The Villarreal’s game, Ramos gave the opponent a penalty, but Ramos caused handball foul, a defensive mistake is varane before. Valane’s mistake in the Real Madrid defence, Ramos is the unshakable main force, but his partner is rotation: Pepe and Valane turns into battle. In the case of Pepe’s age, injury increased, the Vala Hei Ben season will not be less time to play, but so far, did not show a satisfactory level of. In 2011, Real Madrid Zidane’s recommendation to introduce Valane, Zidane was recommended to Florentino: "Valane will be after Blanco, France’s classy defender." In the first 2 seasons, Valane performed amazing, was also considered a Real Madrid mascot, in the first 2 seasons he participated in the game, the team lost only 2 games. In January 2013 the national Derby, Valane, a famous battle, Valane blocked a threatening shot Harvey, two tackles Messi’s raid, destroying a single, small law in the second half, he helped the team to tie the game with a header. Spanish media said相关的主题文章: