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Reading can make people become 23 reasons – better Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual we often heard that reading is beneficial to mental health, self perception and mental maturity. Is that really true? "Bright Side" collected some interesting surveys, the results show that reading is a very meaningful thing. Take a look at the results of the study below, and you may have a new understanding of reading. 1. How do you spend your time reading stress relief? Listen to music or go out for a walk? The researchers suggest that we should use the Sussex University to spend reading. Studies show that reading takes only 6 minutes to relieve stress compared to listening to music, walking and drinking coffee for 18 minutes. 2. Reading to help get rid of insomnia has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to soothe and help sleep. The lights on the phone and the TV screen give the brain a signal to stay awake, and when you read in the soft light, your brain receives the opposite sign – it’s time to take a break. 3. Reading makes a person more emotional. When you read a book, especially a novel, do you feel that it has been brought into the mood of the book? Experts say love reading novels and share the story of the book of people in daily life is more emotional and compassionate. 4, reading to promote a scientific study of brain activity by Emory University showed that reading does not make people smarter, after reading a book at least a few days of the brain has a positive change. Scientists explain how the brain’s functioning is a process of mapping the growth of the nervous system to the brain, a process that is highly similar to muscle memory. 5. Reading is the most effective way to overcome depression. Patients who read the book of mood control guidelines and depression treatment showed lower levels of depression a year later than those treated with conventional therapy. 6. Reading makes a person more attractive, intelligent and well-educated. There is no doubt that those who can continue to chat on any topic will win more attention and appreciation. 7, reading motivation to overcome difficulties, to achieve the goal of the protagonist’s behavior thinking and action. This means that the image of the books in the positive character will inspire our words in real life, chasing love towards a goal. 8. People who love reading are more active in social activities. The national endowment for the Arts Foundation shows that people who love reading are more likely to be active in different cultural and social activities. 9, reading to improve memory and thinking ability each reading is the brain training. New words encountered in reading are analyzed by the brain and stored in short-term memory. The experiment shows that reading can improve the thinking behavior of the brain. Continuous reading of the brain to stimulate thinking more active, especially after the old obvious role. 1 paintings相关的主题文章: