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"Rainbow Island" October facelift in the new version of   Ying Guo – people.com.cn game original title: "Rainbow Island" October facelift new version welcome national day eleven National Day golden week is approaching, many buddies began exactly where to go shilly-shally through this rare holiday. And go out to see the huge crowds of people, rather than to the grand game’s super adorable 2D horizontal version of "Rainbow Island" and thousands of online game player swim along the beautiful scenery, while taking advantage of the motherland mother’s birthday is coming, "Rainbow Island" will also be decorated with a new, invite you buddies for the holidays! [new] pet system interface changed about on-line version of the National Day mustering the strength to give you buddy special surprise, in the updated version, game player who number his pet bar too little has been obtained to solve Oh, by three the original column, into six bar a. For those who have difficulty in choosing a partner, this change is simply a great gospel ah, after all, rainbow island adorable pet too many people make it difficult to choose! In addition, this update is also optimized for the pet system, the previous PET system and pet pet system integration, not only makes the entire interface becomes more intuitive, convenient for small partners to view information. It is worth mentioning that the new version of pet formation has also been revised, added more different combinations of pets, formation effect has become more abundant. Finally, quietly tell you a little secret, during this national day, there will be two new adorable pet to join the "Rainbow Island," the big family, together with the hope of doing it! [new] copy line checkpoints flush in the updated version of "Rainbow Island" in the national day, buddies will also usher in the four new copies of the elite, walked out of the fairy tale "Lilliput"; "fresh and beautiful spring planting tall on the island"; "space farm"; the mysterious "Pyramid". Not only enrich the adventure adventure small partners, customs clearance is a chance to get a new rare weapon Oh, hurry up in the eleven period to the rainbow island, look at it! [three activities together to help out a happy heart of the National Day] in addition to a copy of the pet system and the change of the elite new line, in the National Day period, "Rainbow Island" will also open three special activities: activities: "defend Ai Liya Si" monster to invade Ai Liya? How can do, the islanders take for your special "combat fist" to defeat the monster, I heard the most heroic islanders can obtain "badge of courage", for a variety of prizes oh! Activity two: "the little fox’s planet" little fox worry? Friends go to receive and wear "care umbrella" to listen to Fox’s voice, said it to listen to a mysterious props, after use will take you to a mysterious place, where there are rich rewards waiting for you, of course, also hate the monster. Activity three: "the night raid" heard that 400 years ago there was a very important battle occurred in the ancient city to Beijing, you can find the general buddy George to reproduce the battle, but also witnessed the experience and pleasure of the fighting, the most)相关的主题文章: