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Green love held in Quzhou attracted nearly 50 thousand young blind date online watch the October 7th is the last day, the National Day holiday on the same day, Quzhou antique building Hill Village, very lively, a theme of "green · 2016 for love; in my heart the Queen" – Qujiang District Wong Fung · blind date activities in the Queen’s hometown hot start, a total of more than 120 single men and women to participate in activities. Flowers, balloons, stage, beauty…… The event, to participate in the dating of young men and women have been on the stage for personal display, enhance understanding in interactive games. In addition to many colorful interactive fun, the organizers also invited the network Reds – Half Blood Queen Simba leader and talented Vicki, in the activities to promote the happiness at the same time, also in the NetEase web platform to broadcast the event live. In the network broadcast platform, Lou Shan Hou Cun "hot words"! Online young users are infected by the fiery atmosphere of the scene, but also attracted by the beautiful scenery of the whole town, more and more people to join the team. According to the leader of the Simba live video review, in 2 hours and 24 minutes broadcast time, a total of 49672 people watched the event, Simba leader also occupy the first full name list of the platform. In addition to the wonderful dating event, the farmers market on the farm dumplings, chopped green onion white tea, mountain building Steamed Buns Quanwang town characteristics of agricultural products also attracted everyone’s attention. All Wang Shan Hou Cun Zhen Lou brand "of our building mountain" series of products more attracted onlookers. The scene, the League Committee also awarded the Lou Shan Hou Cun "green love" base title, and set up a "Pro blue chips" charity auction, online and offline, synchronized work fruits and Taiwan Xu Ruihong pottery master auction. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Pro Green chips charity to support charity. The event is organized by the Communist Youth League Committee of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Youth Working Committee Office, directly under the authority of the Communist Youth League of Zhejiang Province, the Communist Youth League Quzhou Committee, Qujiang District of Quzhou City Tourism Bureau and the Quzhou District of Qujiang City, the town people’s Government hosted, aims to build a bridge for young men and women met, communication bridge and friendship the bridge, the bridge of love.相关的主题文章: