Quanzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zheng Xincong the new network construction of Marine Si footman

Quanzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zheng Xincong: to build a Marine Silk Road an important gateway to the city – Beijing, Beijing in September 26 Quanzhou Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) 26, Fujian Quanzhou held the Twelfth Congress of the Communist Party of China Quanzhou City, Quanzhou planning blueprint for the development of the next five years. The Quanzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zheng Xincong in here, take the initiative to integrate into the national "The Belt and Road layout in Fujian province and the" sea "core area, to promote reform, to promote open, to build the city and an important gateway to Hester" first-class business environment in the city. At the meeting, Zheng Xincong, entitled "courage when building the" new Fujian "leader, to create a" five Quanzhou "new situation" report of the conference, summed up the past five years in Quanzhou to produce a report card, and put forward the direction in the next five years, the construction of Quanzhou and the objective of a struggle and courage when building the "new Fujian" the leader, accelerate the construction of "innovation and modernization of Quanzhou made, Hester, beauty and happiness". The outlook for the next five years, in the national policy, the superposition effect of major projects driving effect, innovation and transformation demonstration effect, "Hester" first opening effect, and promote the effect of the same frequency of one mind, "we have the information to win the supply side structural reform battle, have the ability to win the decisive battle to build the well-off society". Zheng Xincong said. As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road of the sea, Quanzhou is an important starting point for the Chinese civilization to the world, the overseas Chinese resources extensive thick. The national "The Belt and Road" opening pattern, fit for the Quanzhou city location, port development and production cooperation to bring more strategic, an important starting point of ancient city "Hester" is full of new vigor and vitality. "Hester, is the charm of Quanzhou." Zheng Xincong said, Quanzhou to rely on force, do the "Marine Silk Road inscription work, high standards and high quality completion of heritage preservation and restoration ontology and the environment in time, and strive to 2018 included in the world heritage list. It is understood that the "Quanzhou Maritime Silk Road Historic Protection Ordinance" before the date has passed, become Quanzhou’s first substantive law. Known as the marine complex, daring to dare to try the Quanzhou folks who, along the Silk Road on the sea to the world, flourishing. At present, the distribution of five continents in more than and 130 countries and regions in the spring of about 9500000 overseas Chinese nationals, 85% of them live in the Marine Silk Road along the countries and regions, Quanzhou’s big Hester "circle of friends" advantage. Zheng Xincong, Secretary of the Communist Party of china. Sun Hong photo Quanzhou to strengthen exchanges between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, smooth channels of dialogue between the people, thick planting economic and trade cooperation common interests." Zheng Xincong said, we will contact overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce overseas Chinese pro, Stephen membership associations, promoting the construction of integrated service platform yezu roots Nanyang ethnic groups, conservation new overseas Chinese, the new generation of Chinese resources. In addition, Quanzhou will also deepen the Marine Silk Road along the country’s educational exchanges, expand the international friends of the city, the construction of Hester think tank alliance and multicultural literature database, expand the Hester International Arts Festival, the world festival of Minnan culture influence. Play Chinese (Quanzhou) Maritime Silk Road international brand Expo and Quanzhou brand overseas, "Hester" exhibition effect, promote Chinese transnational production cooperation Quan Ji)相关的主题文章: