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Qingyuan mountain inscription start remediation Lingshan the repair completed Taiwanese network (micro-blog) November 19th – the environmental remediation work Quanzhou Qingyuan mountain silk inscription has already started. Qingyuan mountain inscription points including 3: Laojun rock cemetery in Ceylon, Qingyuan cave, cliff stone. Qingyuan cave kuixinglou building demolition began from November 12th. Deputy director of the CMC office of Qingyuan mountain Lin Huirong, "kuixinglou building is to be demolished, showing the Qingyuan cave inscriptions." He said, the Qingyuan cave cliff is located in Qingyuan Shan Chun Yang Dong file on the wall surface, kept the Yuan Yuan four years with a flat, Zhitai Wanan Temple wrote "the reconstruction of Qingyuan Chun Yang Dong Ji" of a stone. Laojun rock, in order to show the statues on the west side of the line of sight, the need to dismantle part of Wai Gallery, last week started, now removed. Next, will be part of the removal of green patch. At the same time, the red lanterns hanging on the tree, Laojun rock surrounding buildings have been removed. Lin Huirong explained, "they are not compatible with the heritage, so remove." Family pit archaeological cleanup work has come to an end, has been submitted to upgrade the provincial cultural relics units related information. In addition, the body of the cultural relics protection and renovation work undertaken by the Quanzhou media Bureau, has been basically completed. Historically, the Lingshan has repeatedly repair. The body repair and protection, the pavilion, the tomb of Islam in the corridor renovation range, the main is to repair the damaged components of rotten roof damage, replacement, and stone tile environment uncoordinated. Synchronized is the Lingshan scenic area environmental remediation work, has cleaned up the surrounding dry branches. Quanzhou City, the new bureau deputy director of the Bao Yang introduction, the overall renovation of the protection project in Lingshan, Quanzhou is the 14 point in the inscription is simple and less of A. (Haidu reporter Liu Yanting)相关的主题文章: