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Qingrelishi recommended in mouse   soil Fuling soup — food channel — people.com.cn original title: the mouse soil Fuling soup recommended: Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital Department of clinical nutrition Chushu solar term, we can eat what food, drink what soup to health? The left scan two-dimensional code concern "eating in Guangdong", "sending private messages to obtain Chushu recipes. Main function: qingrelishi JieduHuoxue phlegm cough, phlegm recommended groups: Yellow materials: mouse 1 (about 300 grams), fresh soil Fuling 1 (about 200 grams or 15 grams of dry soil Fuling), jujube 1, 300 grams of lean meat (3~4 persons). Production method: the mouse and the fresh soil Fuling washed, peeled; meat washed, cut after the cup of water. Then put all the ingredients into the pot, add 2000~2500 ml of water, boil small fire burning about 1 hours, add salt. Comment: the soup into the mice of this plant seems mouse, is actually a kind of called purple jasmine plant roots, it is sweet, pale, slightly cold, with heat and dampness, detoxification and promoting blood circulation. When soup into the plant, can also taste, entrance glutinous taste and fenge similar. It is widely accepted that it has anti-tumor effect, but the modern pharmacological research has not been confirmed. So sick or get treatment, do not blindly believe in folk remedies. However, it is a good combination of soil and poria. Although has been Chushu solar term, but Guangdong is still hot and humid, occasionally drink this soup is also good. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: