Qatar media late is intended to be a short time for Lippi (video)-roselip

Qatar media: late to Lipilai short time watch Lippi debut before the conference to answer a reporter asked calm Fox Sports in November 14th (the Kunming Tencent Zhao Yu Zeng Xiao) this trip to Kunming, Qatar team seems to have been bad, this afternoon the West will be long in coming legion. There are rumors that the Qatar team missed the evening of 13 Bangkok to Kunming flights, only to lead the team late. Qatar media came to Kunming, explained to Tencent Sports: I understand that they changed the trip a few days ago this time, made a decision today came. Of course, this decision is indeed a bit sudden, our media is not until yesterday to know their decision, but this is indeed their intention to." The reason about the change of the media, Qatar is confused: "we do not know why they do this, they tried to temporarily change the itinerary before, but the number is very small. Qatar team arrived in Kunming tomorrow, Qatar has four generals for suspension of not playing Qatar media that they are important players in the team, "the 4 players in the 2 can often play the first, while the other two are also important rotation players, they can’t go to us is definitely a bad news." Canzhen came to China, but also face the world marshal Lippi, Lippi hope that Qatar will be the first team to destroy the articles Chinese rivals. The silver fox, Qatar media attitude is not nervous, the presence of the three or four Qatar media responded to the Tencent like sports: "Lippi is a big name, but he Chinese team was too short, if he was teaching at the start of the twelve China team finals before, there may be a big help to China team, but in such a short time, he did not give the team too much change."相关的主题文章: