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Pu’er Tea namchang BeiCang and what are the characteristics and difference of the Sohu and the author of "talk about the above Pu’er Tea wet storage" to "dry warehouse" Butterfly "process. There is tea in the northern warehouse as "righteousness, the adorable Lolita youth" to "soft South Bin Chen rhyme Royal jiaoniang". North and south of the warehouse, there is no good or bad, is caused by the different latitude and longitude of regional differences in climate, people from the habit of dressing up the diet culture of the different physique (including different age) taste different needs. No matter where the warehouse, as long as it is stored in a reasonable temperature and humidity environment, there is always a suitable consumer groups. Pu’er Tea the raw materials from the Yunnan River Basin in Lancang Strait (low latitude and high elevation) tree big leaf tree, Gao Genshen, can absorb soil nutrients to the greatest extent, various factors determine the effective material Pu’er Tea rich raw materials, coupled with the traditional Pu’er Tea process is the most critical low temperature process, the Pu’er Tea the product can retain the effective material activity, to facilitate later transformation, so Pu’er Tea bitter tea is high, it is difficult to entrance. The old tea, of course is from tea to tea, but not all can become the old tea, to ensure the ecological environment, materials, process source, the key is the storage environment. Old people say that Pu’er Tea "gets better", and "10 years old people are not opening, 10 years into the tea", and vigorously advocates: "drink tea, tea, tea product of old Tibet", "Chen" and "Tibet" are needed time, so the process who "Chen"? Who will "hide"? Tea enterprises? Merchants? Or consumers? Strictly speaking, Pu’er Tea from picking fresh leaves — airing — — — — Rolling fixing drying green cake pressing molding etc., even 10 years is not open "to be included in the Pu’er Tea process range. Obviously, the market of tea enterprises 10 years of this high cost directly to consumers, to earn money in his pocket, annual tonnage yield 10 years hoarding scientific storage, but also require huge manpower and financial pressure, no tea enterprises dare to take such a big risk. Small and medium-sized merchants, second-hand, intermediary, less likely to spend so much money to do scientific storage management, most of them are simply rent a house as a temporary storage, transit, storage environment is uneven, only a handful of stars will be carefully stored when tea, they even don’t know Pu’er Tea do not love to drink. Tea is just a business in front of them. The primary consumers, the home study room at the place, and even other tea wine red, white, black, green, raw and cooked together is placed in the freezer or cellar, that Pu’er Tea simply by the time the old is good, the deposit method of good tea is ultimately a heap garbage, like tea from the same analogy you buy a piece of tofu, put in the home several days after watching it into the bean curd! Senior investment of fancier, and will choose a cool space high-rise independent drying to avoid light and no smell, ground, away from the wall, raw and cooked, the year classification, with thermometer, hygrometer, dehumidifiers, perennial humidity control the temperature between 20-30 degrees, 60%-70%. And there is a proper with the air相关的主题文章: