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Property management should shift to the expected management from September 30th to date, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other 19 cities have issued a new regulation of the property market regulation, the implementation of the restriction of credit and other policies. A new round of the city as a result of the policy is characterized by the overall regulation of the property market. In this regard, the community reaction is positive. It is generally believed that the relevant departments should jump out of the cycle of stimulation and cooling to achieve effective management of the real estate market expectations. Let the prices fluctuate, the great harm. Rising prices, it is certainly able to stimulate the downstream market demand, and even have an immediate benefit to GDP growth, but the rapid rise in the real estate market bubble. Once the bubble burst, there will be economic stall, and lead to a series of financial risks, its long-term destruction can not be ignored. Prices are too high, but also pushed up the cost of the real economy and the third industry, for sustainable development is a major risk. Many listed companies are now the main business losses, but can rely on real money, that is the portrayal of the property market deformity boom. At present, China’s property market is located in the case of rapid development of urbanization, there is a rigid demand for housing, while speculative investment demand presents the outbreak of potential. According to professional analysis, there are 100 million of China’s urban population has not yet met the needs of buyers. In the context of monetary easing for many years, a large number of speculative funds aimed at this demand, into the property market speculation. Our property market regulation policy has always focused on combating and limiting speculative demand for such investments, it should be said that there is its rationality and necessity. Some people insist that the purchase of government intervention on the real estate market, after each purchase, will usher in the demand of retaliatory retaliatory growth and price skyrocketing. Correspondingly, government policy has also fallen into a cooling – stimulus – cooling cycle. The relevant departments of the purchase, the more residents expected prices to rise, on the one hand, they want to take advantage of the policy surprise purchase, hand them in the cooling cycle of cooling – stimulus investments to choose. Although in the regulation, the final prices still rose too high, or the bubble was blown up. Therefore, the root cause of the property market regulation and control, and even not to curb investment speculation, but the stability of domestic prices is expected. This is expected that China’s housing prices will not continue to rise, to make people believe that this is the trend. Hit the curb speculative investment is the essential solution, in the face of soaring housing prices, the relevant departments last ditch. But the problem is that if the social formation of Chinese future prices also rose expectations, real will try to take advantage of the policy, the purchase of credit limit can curb speculation at the moment, but not the sudden outbreak to curb speculative demand. Domestic prices are expected to stabilize, the key is the stability of the whole society expectations of the government’s real estate policy, the government should have a policy on the property market One principle runs through it all. Although there is a certain rigidity of the domestic market demand, but it was also suggested that with the advent of China’s population growth inflection point, the domestic housing market in the near future will be oversupply, prices will fall. Many people are expected to rise in domestic prices, mainly based on the "land finance", will not allow prices to fall, on the contrary, they will find ways to push up land prices and prices. The relevant departments must establish a One principle runs through it all. real estate policy, avoid the restriction and stimulation of two.相关的主题文章: