Private cars in Henan illegal 309 times deducted 728 points penalty than your car-t6670

Private cars in Henan illegal 309 times deducted 728 points penalty than your car original title: Zhengzhou seized the most cattle illegal car deducted 728 points penalty amount than your car Xinhua Zhengzhou September 14th new media news (reporter Fu Haosu) recently, the Zhengzhou police for the first time using the "motor vehicle search control system, several traffic violations not seized car the private car. After investigation, the car a total of 309 traffic violations untreated, accumulated points up to 728 points, a fine amounting to 46350 yuan, more than the price. September 9th morning, Zhengzhou Traffic Police Brigade staff through the "motor vehicle search control system", for driving in the area of the vehicle is not factual, fake card decks, yellow, and more than 200 times the illegal traffic information monitoring alarm. Computer screen tips, a traffic offense up to 309 black cars are not handled along the road. According to the location of the vehicle, the staff immediately directed police on duty to intercept the car, 2 minutes after the car stopped. According to the car driver Ms. Ren said, the car is usually driving her husband, she had no factual and traffic violations untreated unaware of vehicles. Zhengzhou police said that the current "motor vehicle search control system has enabled the misdeeds of the vehicles on the road will be found and the alarm system, the traffic control department seized these vehicles, the owners will be ordered to deal with traffic violations, refused to accept the treatment of car owners will be enforced through the courts. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: