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Prices do not understand: ten years of hard work is not as good as half a house to earn a lot of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Economic Observer reporter Tian Guobao graduated from Beijing date, tigrone sun has been working in Beijing for 10 years, if the time is pushed forward to the university school that day, he has been living in Beijing for 14 years. At the beginning of September 2002, the university entrance exam in Shanxi tigrone sun came to Beijing from a small town, a private university, "for 4 years, did not take a month class". In addition to the Zhongguancun reselling fake cartridges, also sold mobile phone, invoice and cd. Different from the sun tigrone Wu school, his college classmate, Liu Liping of Hebei fully completed 4 years of schooling, and got the official seal of the Ministry of education Zhang did not get a diploma diploma, "is at the bottom of the box, in addition to move out, basically did not move." The sun, because of two years of tuition fees, even this graduation card did not get. After the Spring Festival in 2006, Liu Liping entered a well-known technology companies to do sales, the basic salary of 1000 yuan. Two months later, the sun is located in Daxing, Beijing, a large number of equipment manufacturing enterprises to do sales, the basic salary of $1000, equipment list, the Commission is relatively high". The same year, Zhao Chunbing, Inner Mongolia, after graduating from a university in his hometown to study in japan. Three peers, starting from a similar starting point, different life. The first pot of gold is not like most Shanxi plans carefully, sun tigrone forthright, grow three five thick; while Liu Liping looks handsome, even a shy, he cautiously follow the prescribed order. Sun Saihu and Liu Liping in second years, that is 2007, Beijing new commodity residential fold million mark for the first time, near the Sanhuan prices even exceeded 30 thousand yuan, more remote Tongzhou, Daxing and Changping prices have reached 6000 yuan. Two just participated in the work, the monthly income of only three thousand or four thousand of young people, do not want to buy a house". Two people were from the countryside, Liu Liping’s parents have been in farming in rural areas of Hebei, where the county price is only six hundred or seven hundred yuan. Sun Saihu’s parents worked in Taiyuan when he was 6 years old, and he grew up with his grandmother. This year, Zhao Chunbing’s parents gave him to buy a house in Hohhot, the price should be more than 2800 yuan, the total price of less than 300 thousand." Zhao Chunbing’s parents are civil servants, his father was the official department. Zhao Chunbing is enthusiastic and optimistic, have a lot of ideas, but because of family reasons, has been living under the influence of their parents, including parents to go to Japan, is also required, "if can not change, do it well". But soon, sun tigrone earned the first one million life. In two years, with a flexible mind and eloquence of University stall temper, his performance to do company first, the boss rewarded him with a level of one hundred thousand yuan car. This is the most beautiful scenery, his age相关的主题文章: