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Pregnant also want to maintain a figure how to do? – Sohu mother and child, how to maintain the body during pregnancy? Drinking a lot of water in the diet to add a lot of sugary drinks will only hinder your ability to keep fit. Drink as much water as possible when you are pregnant. Drinking water can help eliminate toxins and waste from your body and will not add any extra calories to you. Walking or running some mothers like to run during pregnancy, although this is very good, but the walk is more robust and safe. Exercise is a way to keep your body in shape. Walking or running helps the body burn more calories. Pregnant women also need to maintain body. To avoid high calorie although your body may want you to try chocolate cake, and you can also try during pregnancy. But try to eat healthy foods, especially if you want to stay fit. It’s not good for anyone to lower stress levels, especially pregnant women. You need to lower your stress level in order to stay in shape during pregnancy. Take a deep breath when you feel stressed. Some women will gain weight because of stress, and if you do, try to stay relaxed. Try to leave the sofa as if you don’t want your child to be sitting in front of the tv. Even if you just walk around the house, walk, still better than sitting. Two. The effects of weight gain during pregnancy, pregnant women with gestational diabetes who are overweight during pregnancy, usually eat too much food, especially high calorie junk food. These are likely to lead to high blood sugar, increase the risk of gestational diabetes. People who are prone to high blood pressure and obesity are also prone to high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is too high during pregnancy, it is easy to cause pre eclampsia, which can lead to other complications, such as abortion and premature delivery. Lead to heart disease, because obesity fat will hinder the blood circulation, cardiovascular effects, so the related diseases, such as heart disease, arteriosclerosis, stroke, arterial blockage and so on, are very easy to attack. According to the research, affect the health of children during pregnancy, if overweight, easily lead to fetal overweight, or is caused by gastrointestinal problems, causes the baby after the development of obesity.相关的主题文章: