Powerful Liu Shishi! Two new lob head beautiful new height (video) 追踪309

Powerful Liu Shishi! Two new LOB head beautiful new height she is "attack" gas "Liu Yingjun", a handsome man stand up ~ can quickly switch to the "beauty of poems, the speed of the lever is not SEI ~ wearing fashionable casual wear daily, but skill is not reduced and oh ~" his "Nicky Wu wedding Mrs. wonderful wedding wedding, from all over the world to confession, abuse and single Wang ~ great marriage has always been low-key Liu Shishi in October 18th Tory Burch brand activities of the scene to help out. On the day of the two sets of Tory Burch 2017 poems in early spring vacation series dress, a red and white pleated skirt, shoulder Gemini Link folk style ivory white small satchel. Mainly to see the temperament, consistently clear Shishi, micro LOB head volume collocation delicate facial features, more charming and gentle ~ designer Tory Burch, together with beautiful skin white beauty, which is the reflective plate ~ another is flounce shirt to reveal the fragrant shoulder straps, a blingbling dress collocation. Golden Earrings ~ cross straps successfully steal the spotlight shoes also fried chicken to see ~ in poetry also stood in front of the store model hi posing cute ~ imitation, straight stand, head gently, behavior is fan, a word is nothing special fan ~ ~ kill a side face while talking about Shishi and Tory Burch fate can be traced back to the summer’s most popular "Huo as" marriage, Bali Island Zhongmei gathered at the same time, Shishi also chose Tory Burch the word shoulder beautiful skirt, and the little swallow, Zhou Gongzi, fan ye, Tao, the bride stands together is the United States to attend the activities of this poem as just perfect ~ Tory Burch brand and Tencent are also friends, in the event of an interview with Liu Shishi, Cecilia talking eyes, sincerely look at each other’s eyes, always smiling always answered every question, such as sincere and poetry frozen chicken ~ Tencent fashion: poetry, today in the shop around the circle, there is no special thing like what? Liu Shishi: I just saw the clothes in the spring and summer of 2017. There are some other things that should not be all. Tencent fashion: what is your impression of the brand as a whole, I think you also cross. Liu Shishi: very luxurious, looks very comfortable, not repeat them, and the fashionable elements in. Tencent fashion: we see you often wear some of the more neutral clothes in life, personal wear on the ride? Liu Shishi: not completely neutral. Tencent fashion: see you often have some bias men. Liu Shishi: sometimes. I think the fashionable elements, with their own style, comfort. Tencent are often seen: you have some more repeat items, such as sunglasses, often wearing a windbreaker, there are bags. You also said that before the special love to buy things, why the utilization of these things is very high? Liu Shishi: it won’t be repeated. It’s two or three. I think we all wear normal clothes, and will not wear a piece of clothing is not a time, right? I think I belong to the normal wear law, feeling相关的主题文章: