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Postpartum less milk should not blame the old Sohu maternal milk shortage, this is the most headaches in postpartum mothers. Now two children to the floor of the new deal, a lot of regeneration mothers worry more about their age, postpartum will not milk, raising a baby more powerless. In this regard, experts believe that as long as have fertility, insufficient milk has little relationship with age, but with the psychological status and maternal nutritional supplements, infant sucking and other reasons. As long as ready, appropriate, more than and 40 year old mothers, born two children have no milk, breastfeeding can still be. But although colostrum components are clear antiviral "Jingui" a lot of freaky baby is worried about the lack of milk, and even out of shape. Under the dilemma, some people choose to feed baby milk. Although some new mothers want to personally breast-feeding, but milk is very pale, unlike some mother’s breast milk so thick. This looks relatively light milk is not nutrition? "That colostrum is very clear, there is no nutrition, this is a big mistake, milk nutrition look light is not necessarily strong than milk, milk composition is slightly different. 1~2 weeks postpartum endocrine does look a touch of milk like some water, but the protein contained in this colostrum more, less fat, trace elements zinc and immune substances are also more. Colostrum is indeed very clear, but antiviral composition is very much, very ‘precious’. Don’t take the first few days postpartum colostrum squeezed out, must let the baby to enjoy the most precious "gold food, breast milk is rich in nutrition and health, such as fat, protein, calcium and vitamins, which are immune factors in the baby’s health is crucial, insist on breastfeeding can make the baby to enhance the body resistance. Older mothers can also be breast-feeding a lot older mothers worry about two children born after the lack of milk, in fact, as long as have fertility, how much milk and age, but with the psychological status, maternal nutritional supplements, infant sucking have a relationship. On the premise of sufficient preparation, older mothers can have plenty of milk, breastfeeding as can be. It is worth noting that the improper relationship between the lack of milk and eating more. Some mother likes to eat bacon, spicy food such as hardcore, not only make less milk, milk quality will influence. In addition, if the postpartum shortage of milk, the baby is always crying, will make women feel more anxious. We recommend that families create a good atmosphere, to help novice mother relax and start eating light, drink some soup, the secretion of multi pronged more conducive to the promotion of milk. Pig jiangcu although "milk" the best 12 days postpartum postpartum lactation to drink? Many southerners will expect to eat pig jiangcu. Pig jiangcu although easy to milk, but the pig fat particles, greasy, easy to jam, can cause breast milk, but not the water rose out of the phenomenon. A new mother just gave birth to the baby, not easy to adapt to the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, preferably 12 days postpartum eat pig jiangcu. Some love to the hen soup, stew. However, contains a certain amount of hen’s ovary and egg coat in estrogen, maternal consumption of blood after the female hen stew.相关的主题文章: