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POS credit card rate changes on the impact of ordinary people how much in September 6th the new deal to cancel the POS machine cap consumption, these policies will have any impact on our consumers? There are a lot of shoes, it makes no difference to me, I think this conclusion is premature, although the nominal rate changes are affecting businesses, but you need to know who is the merchants earn money? We has a fleece that people in this than what fine times, do you think you can not influence? At the beginning of the POS consumer classification is the four major categories: Food and entertainment, people’s livelihood and public welfare and general categories (department stores, etc.). The dining entertainment the highest rate is 1.25%, we are not often appear quilt code, it is a dinner at a hotel, the results become a supermarket. But now the credit card rates unified, there is no industry division, so many banks used to guide the consumer will not have no, no integral industry say, do not know what the bank will make adjustments to the integration policy? Is the value of our hand depreciation or appreciation? For example, the former Merchants Bank policy integration, many industries consumption points, now rate changes, no difference between the industry and the integral is easier to be? Integration is to change the depreciation of it? At present, I have not seen the latest policy, so I think it is still unknown. From the point of view of the figures, the high rate becomes low, low rates become high. Is the highest food and entertainment, is not to be understood as the State encourages everyone to wine and dine play, merchandise consumption rate is low, in addition to eating and playing, that we are not to buy buy buy ah? Although the single from the policy perspective, has nothing to do with our consumers, because the fee is not us ah, is a businessman, as businesses are the fees covered in your commodity prices there is can make nothing of it. 1.25 change of the 0.6 is happy, the change of 0.6 is happy, but the change of 0.6 is not happy in the 0.38. 0.38 the original credit card into 0.6, 0.22 more out of this is going to take you to the merchant, said businesses will for us to bear these costs or be part of the costs passed or directly to the credit card? Said the merchant refused what ah, you can go to the complaint, but if the time is generally the case, how to deal with? But sometimes, fabuzezhong. In addition, the legendary capping machine is gone. We have a large credit card, when buying a car, credit card is also possible, because this part of the POS, the vast majority are cap machine, you can brush 20 thousand charge 100, 50 thousand or 100 dollars charge you brush, you brush 100 thousand, charges are still 100 dollars, so businesses no matter from which angle are also welcome you accept credit card. Insert a sentence, you have no cash debit card money can not buy, but you can brush credit card, for businesses, the fee is not much, in a sense is to stimulate consumption. But from now on, there is no cap, if the original 20 thousand is $100, but now it may be 500.相关的主题文章: