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Pine nuts can help lose weight anti fatigue   teach you buy 4 tricks – Food Channel — original title: pine nut can help lose weight fatigue to teach you to buy 4 tips is a kind of pine nuts, unique flavor is popular with many people. At the same time, the amount of eating pine will be many unexpected benefits. However, pine nuts should be how to choose? At the same time, and what people should not eat nuts? Here we introduce it. The nutritional value of pine nuts to suppress appetite will lose weight. Pine nut diet also has a slimming effect, in your life is to pay attention to the reasonable diet for yourself. A new study by Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania found that eating a handful of nuts a day (about 30 grams) helps control appetite, prevent fat. The study found that women who eat breakfast before the weight exceed the standard of a pine can make a day can reduce 37%. Increase body energy. There is pine enhanced energy function of the body, in your life is to pay attention to their own rational way of life. When you feel tired, may wish to eat some nuts, because it provides energy helps to repair and strengthen the body tissue. The study found that pine nuts protein helps to reduce the energy consumption of the body, make the person can keep alive longer. Pine nuts are also rich in iron, which helps the body transmission and save energy, while helping cells generate energy. Reduce the risk of heart disease. The occurrence of heart disease is very common in our life, you should pay attention to a reasonable diet. Many studies have found that eating a handful of nuts, including nuts every day can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Pine nuts are rich in heart healthy healthy fats, dietary fiber, plant sterols, arginine and a variety of antioxidant nutrients. The United States "archives of internal medicine" magazine published a study, men who ate pine nuts 2~3 times, a significantly lower risk of sudden cardiac death. So, what are the people who should not eat pine nuts? Who should not eat nuts and the best of phlegm, spleen deficiency diarrhea and keep away from pine nuts, pine nuts contain more oil because, for the patients with diarrhea and sputum, excessive consumption easy to aggravate the disease, so this kind of crowd should eat nuts. Kidney spermatorrhea people should not eat pine nuts. People should not eat nuts damp phlegm. Pine nuts are rich in oil, with function of poor people should not eat nuts. The pine has a high fat is high in calories, eat fattening. For some special body of people, pine nuts will cause some confusion on the their taste, resulting in bitter taste. This symptom occurs less often and can disappear after a few days or weeks. So if you eat nuts will produce this kind of symptom of the person it is best to eat, so as not to cause trouble hate feeling. Finally, teach you how to choose the right song. Tips to buy pine pick heads: large nut fruit growth cycle is long, more rich in nutrients. Pick full: full of fruit is natural maturity, delicate taste, fragrance. Choose color: pine nut shell light brown, shiny, white kernels, white bud core. Pick shell: do not add chemical composition of the physical opening, the opening surface will not smooth, uneven. Have a lot of pine nuts)相关的主题文章: