Pick up the dream of the old man, the Pilot Trailer Preview of the role of the animation scene (vide-hypersnap-dx

"Pick up" dream man exposure pilot trailer animation scene sophisticated "pick up old man" dream Pilot Trailer Tencent entertainment news by Pinta Studios’s original VR interactive animation movie "The Dream Collector" (the old man picked up the dream) today officially became the first pilot Trailer exposure. The animated short film VR tells the story of an old man with a dog every day to pick up the discarded dreams of others, and through special ability to repair the dream of the story. This animated short animated film directed by a senior surgeon of rice production, rice had earlier as domestic classic animated film "the return" writer, storyboard artist as "small" goalkeeper, has a very profound experience in the animation field. Although only a short one minute trailer, but enough to see the domestic animation film on the quality of the control and the pursuit of art, and rice at the time of interview also said, "before using the VR animation works, in fact I have experienced many animated films, the traditional production process of the animated film or quite familiar, but the real beginning of the use of VR animation movie creation, that is really a new field." VR animation is a new category of art research, production process and technology and traditional animation have great differences in the traditional animation process, the story board, art creation, model implementation, animation, and other materials can be used in traditional CG, but the VR interaction, the final game engine. Generate VR CG interactive rendering work practice. Pinta Studios for the first "The Dream Collector" animation (pick up the old dream) making the trailer and does not use the traditional CG film process, instead of the full use of the game engine unity real-time rendering. Earlier from overseas animation studio VR Baobab announced the completion of $25 million B round of financing, again to the VR content of entrepreneurship to a new peak, in addition to Oculus Story Studio, Penrose Studios, WeVR of a few studios have released relatively complete works, as the domestic VR animation studio Pinta Studios will be officially tomorrow after the Spring Festival the launch of the new VR "The Dream Collector" animation (dream up old). The leading film, is a very partial concept show, and did not disclose our positive story, the best story in the teaser did not show up, positive inside the ups and downs and hidden in the last big burden, it is worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: