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Travel-and-Leisure Not many tourists miss out on the opportunity to go for Phillip Island tours, when they are on vacation to South West Australia, especially on the Melbourne to Adelaide tours. Reaching the Phillip Island is quite easy if one travels along the Great Ocean Road as it is on the road from San Remo to Newhaven, the road being a thoroughfare across the Otaway rainforests, with beach on one side. On this beach also, tourists can visualize a number of artistic sceneries of nature, during their travel. Many travelers are keen on going for the Phillip Island penguin tour, whenever they are in Melbourne. This Phillip Island tour can be taken up in a days tour because of the closeness of Phillip Island to Melbourne city. Moreover, a number of ac.modation facilities are present along the Great Ocean Road, where tourists can halt for the night and carry on their journeys to the Summerlands beach in Phillip Island, where they can have an exhilarating view of the Phillip Island penguin parade. Melbourne penguin parade tour is not only about the view of the flocks of small penguins .ing out of the water and walking towards their homes in the sand dunes along the beaches. There is much more of wildlife to be seen, during the Phillip Island tours, which is the hallmark of the entire Phillip Island penguin tour. This is more than enough of an attraction to the tourists who .e from different parts of the world, to discover the beauty of Australian continent. In the Phillip Island, there is the presence of the biggest colony of flying foxes, which are a species of bats, exclusive to this part of the continent. Also, there are lots of koalas, kangaroos, Emus, wombats, crocodiles, dingoes, Tasmanian Devils and plenty of species of birds, found usually in Australia. All these animals are possible to be seen in the Phillip Island tour, much to the delight of the photographers and the camera savvy tourists. Pictures clicked during the tour can be a prized possession for them in their lifetime. Apart from animals, the natural sceneries of sunsets with the surf striking against the rugged beaches are a memorable view. Although Summerlands Beach is well known for the Phillip Island penguin parade, the Woolamai Beach is also worth visiting. Presence of a chocolate factory in the island attracts a lot of lovers of this delicacy, who can find a wide range of preparations for a tasty treat of the palate. There are other sightseeing places in the island, such as the Swan Lake full of wallabies and wetland birds, seal rocks covered with seals and the cliff faces of Summerland beach. Nobbies Information Centre is also found in the island. A number of cafes and eateries have been opened in the region for provisions of tasty delicacies for the visitors, who can quench their hunger when on their day trips during the Phillip Island penguin tour. Lots of packages are available for the tourists for the Melbourne penguin parade tour, where most of the attractions are included. Also, the Phillip Island tours can be included in the itineraries for the tourists, in two or three day tours of Great Ocean Road. There are so many locations in South West Australia that it is usually the matter of what people want to visit and among one of the preferred itineraries is the Phillip Island penguin parade. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: