Philippines prohibits the capital police on duty, dig nose and other uncivilized behavior –

Philippines banned the Metropolitan Police on duty "nose" and other uncivilized behavior of the according to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on August 24th, the Philippines capital region police office (NCRPO) recently signed a memorandum reminding officers don’t do anything to the public a negative impression. Police in the capital, Manila, have been warned not to be self timer, nose, online games, smoking and chewing gum while on duty. In addition, the police also allowed scratching or standing on one leg. It is reported that there had been a police officer during the work of their own photos uploaded to social media, in order to return to the event, Manila introduced the ban. It is reported that the Philippines police department has repeatedly issued a ban on self timer. Philippines’s capital district police office also said that residents of Manila will be found to increase the activities of the police, there are 85% police officers on patrol. Philippine President Duthel Te (Rodrigo Duterte) recently announced a national police to increase government funding as part of the war on drugs. Duthel Te has promised to increase the budget by 24.6% next year, hire more police, buy more cars and guns. (internship compilation: Bai Yukai reviewer: Mou Yanchen (Li Xuefeng): commissioning editor (Intern), Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: