Peter Julie is full of continuous divorce scandal was traced to the station (video)-aspack

Peter Julie is full of continuous divorce scandal was traced to the station? Peter Julie (data plan) American lawyer read: Julie not exclusive alimony and alimony of 400 million French luxury Tencent become the focus of entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Brad · (Brad Pitt); Peter and Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) courtship 10 years, did not expect to enter the marriage 2 years the divorce, then "unable to coordinate the difference between" and "for family health grounds, that divorce. It is the main cause of two of the children’s education idea is different, there are Julie’s dissatisfaction with the call Peter hemp, eating that are more outgoing suspected Julie set good, let the outside world think everything is Pete’s wrong. According to the "Daily Mail" reported that Julie has been looking for a good lawyer team for divorce in Losangeles, Peter read in the protection of children and respect Julie, wanted a low-key treatment, did not think he heard a news exposure, alcohol, marijuana, mistress and other negative news, which is released by suspected cut Julie’s legal team, which is caused by the bad image of Peter moon, let him very unhappy, but he still please everyone don’t spit. According to the "Us Weekly" reported that Peter originally plans for the weekend to spend with my family to London travel, travel unexpectedly canceled in 19, at this time Julie put forward a divorce, Peter is only a day earlier that the divorce news media. Confirmed after the divorce, Pitt said in a statement issued very sad, and to urge the media in this difficult time, give children proper space.相关的主题文章: