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People’s observation: the institutional reasons of western social chaos theory – in recent years, many western countries the emergence of social disorder and missequence phenomena, such as financial crisis, economic stagnation, violence prone, refugees, election mess, rise, right-wing extremism populist undercurrent, racial discrimination caused by social protest the riots and etc.. Faced with these chaos, western countries have found ways to solve problems; even a prescription, also in the different interests of mutual constraints to effective treatment, the western society seems to have lost the ability to self regulate to achieve self-healing. This not only makes the very self of the western world feel embarrassed, but also in the erosion and digestion of the western society of confidence. Chaos in western countries is by no means an accident, not because of bad luck. In fact, behind these phenomena, there is a profound institutional root. The indulgence of individualism continues to erode the interests of the public freedom and democracy have inspired the creative spirit of the West and the vitality of the western society. However, when the value of the pursuit of liberalism has lost its battle — feudalism, which advocates the individualism appeared the trend of cancer. According to the French scholar Tocqueville, the liberal ideal of personality liberation will fall into the individual narrow interests pattern. The present situation of European and American society proves that this trend does exist objectively. American scholars Berry and Willcocks found that the core level of the American political system has a difficult dilemma. That is to say, in a so-called "open and free society, people can freely (sometimes brazenly) to pursue their own interests, even if the claim may hurt others, and may not meet the best interests of the country. The dilemma is that if the government does not allow people to pursue their own interests, they will cancel their political freedom. When people are in a state of free competition, the interests of the game is still controllable. However, when the power of the capital to play its energy with monopoly, interest groups can easily overcome the freedom of ordinary people with unconstrained freedom. According to the two American scholars say, "we are in such a system, the interest group has been to put pressure on the government to implement some of the damage, the general public interest and benefit to the small part of voters."   ordinary people do not have enough financial resources to form a political group, it is impossible to form a political issue to enhance their own interests, while the financial interests of the group is able to manipulate the political process and issues. Many western scholars realized that interest group is a kind of cancer, but it can not be contained in the body of the western countries. For example, some American scholars after an investigation found that the Fed has a serious conflict of interest in governance, with emergency loans secret to meet Wall Street big interests needs, including support of bankers at the Federal Reserve Bank board. This may explain why Wall Street tycoons caused hurt the global financial crisis, but still can enjoy a high salary. The monopoly of the capital and the intensification of social contradictions in the capital, the pressure of the socialist movement and the struggle of the working class相关的主题文章: