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People’s livelihood trust for overseas financial qualification Trust Department QDII to increase the exposure of the 20 Sina fund platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter Yang Zhuoqing and a trust company commissioned overseas financial services qualification (QDII) approved, this time the protagonist is the youngest trust company – People’s livelihood trust. Securities Times · trust hundred people exchange reporter was informed that the people’s livelihood trust in September 18th formally approved QDII qualifications. At this point, the qualifications of the members of the trust QDII to 20. However, in view of safe QDII quota control for some time, the financial institutions of all kinds of newly approved QDII qualifications have not obtained the QDII quota, but also unable to carry out the corresponding investment business. Trust QDII team this year by overseas financial management business 4 trustee, refers to domestic institutions or individuals will be lawfully owned by the funds entrusted to the establishment of a trust company, trust company in its own name in accordance with the trust documents the way of the provisions of the financial products investment and asset management business in overseas. In contrast, the continuation of monetary easing asset shortage background, overseas asset allocation needs high net worth population increasing, in order to comply with the investment situation, many trust companies competing to apply for the qualification of QDII, improve the global asset allocation function. Securities Times · trust hundred people exchange reporter was informed that the people’s livelihood trust was officially approved in September 18th QDII qualifications. So far, won the QDII qualification of the trust team to 20. Minsheng Trust said, has obtained the qualification of QDII business, will help the company to further expand overseas capital market for high-end customers financial services, broaden the channels, enhance business innovation ability of the company and the level of asset management, has important significance for the innovation and transformation. Reporters noted that since 2016 a total of 4 companies approved the qualification of QDII, including COFCO trust, Great Britain trust, Chongqing trust and trust livelihood. Although the amount of shortage of institutional investors and trust companies have a strong desire to go to sea, however, many companies are faced with QDII qualifications without investment quota embarrassment. The latest data released by the State Administration of foreign exchange, as of August 30th, the total amount of QDII is $89 billion 993 million, among them, the trust industry QDII approved for the amount of $7 billion 750 million, share by 14 trust companies, fortune trust QDII the maximum amount of $1 billion 900 million, followed by $1 billion 600 million in the trustee, Zhonghai trust, Ping An trust the amount of all, Huaxin trust for $100 million. According to the reporter, the beginning of last year has been approved QDII qualification of Huaneng Guicheng trust and Changan trust, there is no QDII investment quota, QDII qualification approved this year, Great Britain trust, COFCO trust, Chongqing trust and trust people facing the same problem. Industry observers said, safe to QDII the amount of control at the beginning of last year began on相关的主题文章: