People’s Daily the suggestions of pro Qing requirements of the letter – View – ca1835

People’s Daily: the suggestions of "pro" "Qing" requirements of the letter – View – government business relations is the current social concern topic, is to guide and regulate the issue urgently. In March this year, the general secretary Xi Jinping attend the CPPCC National Committee, the Federation of the joint meeting, around the construction of a new relationship between government and business and made an important speech, for our scientific understanding of the relationship between government and business direction, providing follow. General Secretary Xi advocated Pro Pro Qing two words, both the connotation of the new political and business relations, but also to build a new path of political and business relations and objectives. Generally speaking, the mainstream of the current "politics", "business" and "government business relations" is good. It can be said that since the reform and opening up, it is the "political" and "business" benign interaction, "visible hand" and "invisible hand" powerful combination, to promote and maintain the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy for more than 30 years. Of course, because of our country under the rule of law is not perfect, our party once the cadres discipline lost in the wide, "Zheng", "business" and the relationship between government and business are different degrees of problems. For example, some cadres power, chinakayao, engage in bartering, actively "rental" power; some private entrepreneurs rely on heresy or even "fortune", "crooked ways actively seeking" power, that should belong to a normal political and business relations become too normal, it also damages the political ecology to a certain extent, the economic and ecological destruction, disturb the market order. Guide and regulate the relationship between government and business on the normal track, is the need to make great efforts to solve the problem. The relationship between government and business should not only regulate the "political", but also regulate the "business", only the next big effort to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the two aspects, the relationship between government and business to normal development. Political and commercial relations, "government" plays a leading role, but also the main aspects of the contradiction. For the government, it should strive to achieve both hands, both hands must be hard". On the one hand, to speed up the construction of the rule of law government, honest government, increase penalties for violations of law and discipline cadres, to increase the cost of their violation of law, the power to destroy the power of rent-seeking loopholes and space. At present, special attention should be paid to and solved in the overall pattern of some cadres strictly official is not the problem. On the other hand, it is necessary to improve the market system and the rule of law system, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises, especially entrepreneurs, according to law, protect legitimate private property is inviolable. Let all the "business" feel safe, see hope, the power and vitality of sustainable development. At the same time, the "business", should strengthen self learning, self education, self promotion, should be a scientific understanding of the general secretary of the "pro" and "Qing" two words of profound meaning. On the "pro" word, private entrepreneurs should be aware of their own wealth, social status and political status, if there is no strong leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese, without a vibrant and harmonious and stable social environment, by their own efforts is not possible. As the builders and beneficiaries China socialism, private entrepreneurs should actively participate in the cooperation and support of the party and the government, we must always firmly listen to the party with the party, consciously assume Chinese characteristic socialism)相关的主题文章: