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Park Geun hye panic: 600 billion shipping giant Samsung has fallen accident – Sohu news recently, seventh in the world, South Korea’s largest shipping company, Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy. Data figure "people’s Daily" WeChat news September 11th news, recently, the world’s seventh largest, South Korea’s largest shipping company Hanjin Shipping to the court to apply for bankruptcy proceedings shocked the global market. The new round of flood is coming, the China can not be an exception? 600 billion of the shipping giant fell! The global supply chain is going to be paralyzed? According to consulting firm Alphaliner news, if from the capacity point of view, Hanjin bankruptcy will be the largest bankruptcy in the history of shipping. Huang, a well-known Chinese investor, said that even in the very severe crisis of the 2008 shipping industry, there has been no major shipping companies bankruptcy event. And this time a large shipping company suddenly broke down, very suddenly, but also indicates that the global shipping market may produce a new round of crisis. Data show that in August South Korea’s exports to the United States and the European Union fell 4.8% over the same period last year, crude oil imports fell by 5.2%. South Korea’s economy has seen a sharp fall, and fiscal warnings are ringing. This Korea Meng, Pu Jinhui is dumbfounded! At present, Hanjin Shipping around one hundred ships docked in the world’s 23 countries, of which the 30 ships in the Chinese port. Most of the world’s ports have refused to ship Hanjin in berthing, there is still a large number of goods to overseas or trapped in the port, will lead to a larger area of delivery delay. The picture shows the steps of these vessels. The global economy once again issued a signal of danger, in fact, before the news broke, this year the world will be dismantled as a waste to sell as many as thousands of vessels, the total cargo tonnage of second. Not only that, in the first 7 months of this year, the ship’s production orders plummeted, about to 2015, the annual order of 1/5. So much of the freighter was "dismembered", is the direct cause of global shipping costs fell again at record lows. Of course, the ship when the deep reasons of scrap metal to sell more or the global economic downturn. Europe and the U.S. economic growth has not yet really recovered, the rapid decline in Global trade, weak demand for freight. The shipping market is a barometer of Global trade, shipping demand plummeted once again issued a dangerous signal of global economic stagnation. A bolt from the blue! South Korea’s Samsung also had an accident! The 35 explosion, has sold 2 million 500 thousand of the latest flagship Note will all recall! Samsung alarm! Recently, the global dozens of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone charging explosion and fire, let Samsung scorched by the flames. Samsung said that it is because the phone battery is bad. But this did not alleviate the pressure of Samsung, Samsung mobile phone explosion caused by the culprit was actually a subsidiary of samsung! Moreover, the Galaxy Note 7 phone, Samsung has been studied for a long time, this launch is ready to retaliate against apple, HUAWEI, to regain the global market share, a wash before the ultimate shame. Samsung’s flagship mobile phone explosion. This is Samsung’s 2016 heavyweight flagship phone, Samsung?相关的主题文章: