Panasonic Cscu Kc24pky 2 Ton 4 Star Split Air Conditioner Price In

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Panasonic has an international quality for rather superior quality consumer goods. The products are well designed, incorporate advanced and unique technological features and are reliable. Panasonic manufactures a wide range of white goods ranging from washing machines to cameras to air conditioners and refrigerators. The nearly 100 year old .pany set up operations in India to meet the needs of a burgeoning market and has created a niche position as a manufacturer of quality products that stand apart from other consumer brands. Technological innovation and advanced features at a .petitive price are the .panys plus points. You can see this in their range of split air conditioners customized for Indian operating conditions. In India you have areas with high temperature and high dust particles in the air. There are coastal regions with high humidity and monsoons are also when the air can be quite moisture laden. The heat and humidity can contribute to a feeling of dis.fort. Properly designed air conditioners take care of cooling, humidity levels and dust. While you may be tempted to go in for 1 ton or 1.5 ton split air conditioners mainly on price considerations, you must also consider the size of the room and ambient temperatures if you want satisfactory cooling and energy efficiency. In large rooms or in areas with high ambient temperatures you would need at least 2 ton air conditioner with good energy rating. The Panasonic CS/CU-KC24PKY 2 ton 4 star Split Air conditioner satisfies all parameters and delivers unparalleled performance year in-year out. In addition to being rugged and reliable, this split AC has some wonderful features unique to this range. It is designed to operate when outdoor temperatures soar to 52 deg. C. with a super tropical .pressor. The 2 ton model can deliver 22500 BTU/Hr cooling. What you will like more is that it has odor removing functions and an anti-bacterial filter to keep the air free of germs. The cooling unit incorporates a special .posite micro channel condenser made of aluminum for better heat transfer and lower power consumption. It is corrosion resistant and is highly durable. The micro channel construction provides larger surface areas for heat dispersion. In most air conditioners, when you switch it on after keeping it in non-use for winter, you will notice a typical odor. However, this Panasonic model incorporates an odor removing filter and a facility to keep fan switched off for a few seconds while the filter does its work. The unit has a Nanoe-G filter element, anti-bacterial filter element and a catechin filter to filter out odors and bacteria. You can also remove and wash the elements. The specs live up to the .panys reputation. The Panasonic CS/CU-KC24PKY Split Air conditioner has 4 star energy rating and consumes only 1950 watts. The large fan has air circulation figures of 717 cubic feet per minutes. It consumes only 8.7 amperes, only a little over the usual figure of 7 amps for a 1.5 ton unit. The ICU dimensions are 290mmx750mmx1070mm and weight is around 12 kgs. Noise levels are quite low at around 42 dBA. You can set cooling for high, low or Q-lo for low power consumption. As is to be expected, the CS/CU-KC24PKY is a joy to operate with thoughtful controls, automatic operation mode, sleep mode, hot start, dual on-off settings and others you can access and set through a remote control unit. The Panasonic CS/CU-KC24PKY 2 ton 4 star Split Air conditioner is perhaps the best in class unit if you want beautiful looks, quiet performance, reliability and features. Panasonic AC price in India is around Rs. 44000 and you get true value for money, backed by Panasonic service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: