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On the analysis of the strategy to do more soybean brown oil spreads Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Because of the influence of El Nino, Southeast Asian palm oil producing countries at the end of last year suffered high temperatures and dry weather, resulting in palm oil production fell sharply, 201516 years of global palm oil supply is expected to reduce up to 2 million tons. Since the end of August last year, Malaysia palm oil and lead the global oil market pulled sharply out of the wave of market, soybean oil and palm oil 1609 contract price was narrowed to 468, with the La Nina weather hype, the U. S. and Malaysia sharply higher palm brown beans is expected to increase, 1701 contract price sharply expanded to 1342 in July, a U.S. the callback, both spread narrowed to around 790 again, and as of August 25th this year, the spot spread is only 200 yuan, in the history of the very low position, the author believes that the current consider the feasibility about long brown beans spread strategy. From the supply perspective, palm oil production is an indisputable fact, Malaysia palm oil bureau data show that in 2016 1 to July Malaysia palm oil production totaled 9 million 176 thousand and 400 tons, representing a decrease of 1 million 684 thousand and 400 tons, from the historical data, horse palm oil production peak is basically in 8 to October, October will enter the production period, so the output of the upcoming summit is expected to limit Malaysia’s palm oil in the recent rise in space. As of August 25th, the country’s main port of palm oil depot 303 thousand tons, an increase of more than 22 thousand tons last week, but is still in the low historical inventory. Chinese Customs released data show that in July China’s palm oil imports 322 thousand and 200 tons, growth of 35.6% YueHuanBi, imports in August is expected to remain at 300 thousand tons or even return to the level of 400 thousand tons, but because the country has strengthened the inspection efforts to extend the opening hours of imports will be a month, is expected to enter after September imports of palm oil have been to Hong Kong, the palm 1701 contract a certain pressure in the oil, as of August 25th, the major domestic oil port inventory 1 million 204 thousand tons, compared with the previous two weeks to reduce 23 thousand and 800 tons of soybeans to Hong Kong, July Chinese amounted to 7 million 760 thousand tons, down 18.35%, August to Hong Kong are expected to amount to 7 million 150 thousand tons, the amount is expected to Hong Kong in September 5 million 500 thousand tons, in October to Hong Kong is expected to only 5 million tons of soybeans to Hong Kong, thus late pressure will gradually decrease, oil stocks peaked short Greater probability. From the perspective of demand, this summer palm oil consumption overall dropped more than in previous years, the average monthly consumption of 400 thousand tons, down 100 thousand tons, after September, the domestic palm oil will enter the off-season seasonal consumption. In addition to Malaysia B10 bio diesel project postponed to the fourth quarter, instead of the previous program in July, is expected after the implementation of the project will annually consume about 750 thousand tons of palm oil and soybean oil, along with the traditional holidays increased gradually, downstream manufacturers set theory相关的主题文章:

The West held martyrs memorial activities Taoranting Park Park in the first set of ” no -quickchm

The West held martyrs memorial activities   Taoranting Park Park in the first set of " no noise on " – Beijing Channel – September 30th morning, held in Xicheng District martyrs memorial ceremony in Taoranting Park park before the tomb of Gao Junyu. Yu Zhiqiang the morning of September 30th, held in Xicheng District martyrs memorial ceremony in Taoranting Park park before the tomb of Gao Junyu. Yu Zhiqiang figure Beijing on 30 September, the morning of September 30th, held in Xicheng District martyrs memorial ceremony in Taoranting Park park before the tomb of Gao Junyu. The solemn ceremony, all walks of life in Xicheng District, garrison troops officers, policemen, teachers and students to the tomb of the martyrs wreath. According to the reporter, Gao Junyu martyrs cemetery where the Taoranting Park Park in September 30th set up a day for the park noise free day, the park prohibits all recreational activities. Each year on September 30th, the state established a law in the form of martyrs day, not only the country to commemorate the martyrs activities. The regions are held memorial events, to cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs. Xicheng District has three consecutive years in Taoranting Park Park Gao Junyu martyrs tomb memorial ceremony held in the region, many people in the park and the elderly morning rushed to the scene, to pay tribute to the martyrs of silence to express nostalgia. This memorial day, Taoranting Park park is the first day in the past without noise, the noise and excitement of the square dance activities canceled today. According to the relevant person in charge of Xicheng District, to the memory of the martyrs, in September 30th each year the Taoranting Park park will stop all recreational activities, to create a good atmosphere for. At the same time, Xicheng District also opened the online memory of martyrs memorial column, advocating social people from all walks of life through the network to the memory of the martyrs. (reporter Yang Erli) (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章:

During the national day of the introduction of the property market regulation and control policy of -face gossip

During the National Day 19 city introduction of market regulation policy   purchase credit limit as the core content of Fujian channel — original title: 19 city introduction of market regulation policy "golden nine silver ten" on the occasion, many domestic successive introduction of market regulation deal. September 30th to the night of October 6th, a total of 19 cities have issued a new property market regulation policy. Analysis of the industry, this is the beginning of a new round of regulatory tightening, the stock market is expected to control the tide or will continue, silver ten turnover or decline. Reporters combed found throughout the country during the introduction of the property market regulation and control policies, although there are similarities and differences, but the core content is limited to the purchase of loans: the purchase. In the ten city in the current round of introduction of new regulation, basically involves the restart or expand the purchase, including Hefei, Nanjing restriction policy is very strict, local residence ban the purchase of third sets of new premises (the main transaction area); Suzhou to the administrative scope of the largest, under the jurisdiction of the Wujiang District, Kunshan City, Taicang city into the scope of the purchase. Credit limit. Many of the regulatory policy review, common policy to improve the two suites down to 40% or 50%. Among them, the greater the intensity of Suzhou, not only third sets of ban on loans, two suites down payment (loans not settled) also increased to 80%, Beijing is further expanded the scope of the establishment of the two suites. Dai Yiyi, a professor of management at Xiamen University, believes that, to some extent, this crazy market with high leverage is inseparable. Many restrictions, land policy and the policy is to limit the loan from both ends of the supply and demand to leverage typical measures. Industry analysts believe that the introduction of policies from around the focus of view, mainly in second tier cities, and the basic price is higher than the previous city. "There will be more follow-up to upgrade the property market regulation policy." Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that this round of purchase of the policy, in the field of household registration and credit qualification of qualified buyers began to tighten, means that the regulation of prices from the past a comprehensive spread to second tier city. However, some analysts believe that, while some hot property market, some cities are still facing the pressure of inventory. (reporter Dong Jianguo) "people’s Daily" (08 October 2016 02 Edition) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan)相关的主题文章:

300 thousand with the United States Department of SUV vs light on free Brion Kuwait (video)-kamikaze love

300 thousand with the United States Department of SUV vs light on Kuwait [Brion free Pacific Automotive Network (micro-blog) guide channel] SUV Chinese comparison market competition is very motivated, not only occurred in the cheap rich configuration of independent brand SUV, in a joint venture in the SUV market competition is the fight to go forward with great strength and vigour. This time we bring two SUV consumers are very concerned about the two, they are from the focus on SUV Jeep professional SUV light – free city (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), and from Buick — keangkewei (ginseng, pictures, inquiry). The new Buick keangkewei comfortable space to bring pleasant journey the imported version of the free light on many attractions, such as the industry’s leading 9AT, excellent driving ability and rich technology configuration, while the domestic free light in retain these attractions and also with very competitive price, and intelligent vehicle control system is Uconnect attractive. While keangkewei sales this year 1-7 month sales took a joint venture SUV sales champion, showing its strength can not be underestimated, while keangkewei in order to keep the competitive level higher, the new models will be launched in September the upcoming Chengdu auto show. Comparison of models of information project free light 2016 2.4L universal edition keangkewei 2016 28T Almighty flagship 4WD sports official guide price of 315 thousand and 800 yuan 349 thousand and 900 yuan promotional discount cash 13 thousand yuan cash discount of about 15 thousand this year, the cumulative sales of 58532 Taiwan 131710 Taiwan related content evaluation models evaluation models – appearance contrast: fusion aesthetic and functional VS highlighting the details the quality model parameter configuration comparison models: models picture information: keangkewei 2016 28T 4WD decathlon flagship free light 2016 2.4L universal version of the official price: 349 thousand and 900 315 thousand and 800 manufacturers: SAIC Buick Guangzhou Fick Jeep level: medium SUV and medium SUV listed time: 2015-082015-11: 2.0T L42.4L L4 engine intake form: turbocharged and naturally aspirated maximum HP (PS): maximum torque (N· m):227.5 transmission: 6 tiptronic 9 block Since the one hand body type: 5 door 5 seat SUV5 door 5 seat SUV long × wide; × high (mm):4667× 1839× 16964649× 1859× 1695 wheelbase (mm): the maximum speed (km h) – the official 0-100km h acceleration (s):8.4- measured 0-100km h acceleration (s) measured:-11.33 100-0km h brake (m):-40.64 Ministry of integrated fuel consumption (L 100km):8.88.5 vehicle warranty: three years or three years or 100 thousand kilometers 100 thousand kilometers of body type: SUVSUV length width (mm): (mm): height (m)相关的主题文章:

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2016 winter boots in the hitchhiker’s Guide to the   fine fashion person demonstration – Fashion – original title: 2016 winter boots in the hitchhiker’s Guide to the fashion fine person you love fashion model, whether or not the same irresistible charm and our boots, even the cupboard had several pair of boots, every autumn and winter couldn’t help looking for beautiful boots trail, boots trend this season and collocation is very special, the beauty of you don’t miss our analysis trend: popular boots shoes with thick suede this year and the past few seasons, with the popular thick boots, retro fashion both personality charm, but significant the change of the season this year, light wear 70 ‘s suede is not enough, to exchange the old granny style dark flannel, shimmering with light, and the red indigo, the most popular are Icon:Kendall, Jenner, Gi GI Hadid has repeatedly to suede heel boots collocation of various other street! This season’s boots of life, is this pair of friends! The basic models of classic black boots a pair of simple black boots shoes is every girl must have the necessary funds, a simple jeans is very stylish, but also can wear out quarterly. If you want a little more Chic, the main season is the partial shoe styles include boots long pointed, slightly upward extending to the middle of the calf and ankle position, choose the retro vamp lacquer skin, Black Slim Slim pants good collocation! (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?)相关的主题文章: