Tianjin, a serious violation of officials to play a pattern to sing the first song – Sohu news christie stevens

Tianjin officials play tricks to serious discipline: sing the first song – Sohu news the day before, the Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of Tianjin City Investment Promotion Office of the former Bureau inspector Wang Fuqiang serious violation case notification. The circular pointed out that Wang Fuqiang, a serious violation of the spirit of the central eight provisions of illegal bookmaking and hold a golf membership card after eighteen big party repeatedly accept private boss invited to play golf; in the official activities of super standard accommodation and transportation arrangement, large waste of public funds, engage in wasteful. Violation of organizational discipline, the long-term lack of transfer of wages in accordance with the provisions of the law, access to improper huge profits. Honest and serious violations of discipline, public funds for reimbursement of fees paid by individuals; illegal business enterprises; many personnel may affect the impartial execution of accept private official banquets; the annual festival, the purchase, going abroad (border) and married the daughter of the machine, repeatedly accepting gifts of others. Serious violation of the discipline of life, and others to maintain a long-term sexual relations, resulting in adverse effects; the pursuit of low interest, repeatedly out of nightclubs. In violation of state laws and regulations, the use of his office in the enterprise investment, the purchase of land, contract engineering and other aspects for the benefit of others, ask for and accept others’ money, bribery crime, after eighteen big party is still not close hand convergence. The circular pointed out, Wang Fuqiang from "listen to the party, follow the party forever, do let the party be assured of the beginning of the heart, eat bitter, sweat, for construction and development, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone for the city investment work made contributions. With recognition, praise, the mood gradually big with pride. Wang Fuqiang felt hard for many years, but also to "open could not progress, pride won’t lag behind the" age, "it is time to take a rest, enjoy the" start ", no longer devote themselves to learning, no temper party, instead of chasing the so-called" realistic and comfortable enjoyment of life. ". Wang Fuqiang ignored the party discipline and the spirit of the central eight provisions, the vulgar pursuit of life when, to "let go" and "indulgence". Eat and drink to characteristic and quality of the restaurant, the best dishes, drinking Moutai, Wuliangye and other high-end wine, not eating well will not loose Bureau; frequent access to high-end golf clubs, play often offer with "good luck"; play to play tricks, sing the first song, long addicted to toast each other, scene of debauchery inextricably bogged down in. Spend a few hundred dollars out of the family dinner, he also went to the unit reimbursement. Obviously there is a private car, the family has something to let the driver drove the bus to run. Wang Fuqiang forget party identity, their relations with the private owner, regard themselves as the "circle of friends" boss, private owner as "little brother". Contacts with the private owners of the time from the "eight hours" to "eight hours", from the enterprise to the hotel from the stadium, talk about cooperation and development into the vulgar pursuit of idle away in seeking pleasure. He put this and enterprises to work together, and engage in a "jump", to indulge in "Dude brothers" atmosphere. At the same time, the "little brother" on him for help. Send them gifts bribes from feel afraid to reluctantly, to take the initiative to ask for; see from.相关的主题文章:

The Hang Seng Index rose nearly 300 points to pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 68878 cattle bear drop dead diva

The Hang Seng Index rose nearly 300 points to pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 68878 cattle bear 69201 hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Fed governor Lael Brainard said the Fed should not raise interest rates too early, so as not to damage the economy. Speech to ease investor concerns about interest rate hike, the three major U.S. stock index rebounded on Monday more than 1%. It is suggested that the establishment of independent banking sector management of bad debts, the stock market fell more than Qi de France 1%. Early Tuesday by the stability of the mainland stock market rebound in the Hang Seng index more than 1%, nearly 300 points on the 23500 point level, to pay attention on the resistance of the 24000 point mark, support 20 antenna about 23200 points. The flow of funds, good Monday positions have more than 87 million yuan the inflow, outflow of short positions on the same day nearly 40 million yuan; a total of five days long positions into more than 48 million yuan, 100 million yuan more than the inflow of short positions. The Hang Seng Index CBBC Street goods changes as of Monday, cattle permit Street goods intensive areas to recover the price of 23200 to 23299, and the goods concentrated area bear street is to recover the price of 24400 to 24499. On the other hand, the withdrawal of the main flow of funds into the cash card area of 22800 to 22899 points, while the bear card is the main inflow of the price recovery area of 24100 to 24199 points. The reader as a bullish HSI can watch cattle card 68878, recovery price 23050, the exercise price of 22850 points, 17 years until November, the exchange rate of 10000; the reader as a bearish HSI, may pay attention to bear 69201, recover the price of 24350 points, the exercise price of 24550 points, 16 years until December, the exchange rate of 10000. In addition, readers such as bullish HSI may pay attention to the subscription card 12270, the exercise price of 24000, due to 17 years 03 months. The reader as a bearish HSI, may pay attention to put the card 12260, the exercise price of 22000, due to 17 years 01 months. In that aspect, enterprises can pay attention to the reader as a promising, cattle card 67407, recovery price 9238, the exercise price of 9088 points, 17 years until November, the exchange rate of 10000; the reader as a bearish Chinese enterprises, may pay attention to bear 67830, recover the price of 10300 points, the exercise price of 10450, due to 17 years 01 months, the exchange rate of 10000. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

No deep space continues to pit the game edition has not been delivered foldercure

"No deep space" continues to pit the game edition has not been delivered "deep space" unmanned from the sale has been in trouble, but this game is not only "stalls things", but also offer problems. A game player, the Global Limited 10000 sets of "unmanned deep space" edition have not yet shipped, and update delivery time is probably in mid December this year. "No deep space" collector’s edition have not yet shipped to understand the domestic situation, editing in X treasure search, find that the sale of "unmanned deep space" collector’s edition of the seller is not much, are in the same state reservation. From the official release in August to now, "no deep space" collector’s edition has bounced 3 months, do not know whether to comply with the official release date in mid December. "No deep space" collector’s Edition "seems to have not yet shipped for unmanned deep space", they face two puzzle game player, a game quality is not standard, the other one is now do not get the collector’s edition of the game. "No deep space" collector’s Edition "have not yet shipped no deep space" collector’s edition including the game in a spaceship 8 inch replica and a compass and some mysterious gifts, the collector’s Edition exclusive sale on iam8bit, priced at $149.99. (source: 3DM editor: Okami) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

Shanghai vous Shanghai fashion week tide burst struck, you ready to take _ fashion _ Tencent.com (vi iptd-651

Shanghai vous | Shanghai fashion week tide burst struck, you ready to take? _ fashion _ Tencent.com 2017 spring and summer four fashion week has just ended, in October, the highly anticipated 2017 Shanghai fashion week has been opened on October 12th. As a feast of Shanghai fashion week this season also aspect lot ~ Shanghai fashion week 45 domestic and foreign fashion brands are hotbeds of new world Pinghu too login. Which we send the strength of the brand for having heard it many times, more ready for fresh faces. In recent years, many overseas young designers have chosen the main position as domestic work release show, fashion Master buyers have a goal, the fashion circle lens never boring. The Shanghai fashion week released a new world of choice Taihu. As the main venue of the new world, but under the foot of the water, put up the one and only show in Pinghu too, the overall layout of the novel, to bring people find everything fresh and new view show experience. A few days from this release show, there are many brands has received numerous media and buyers in international recognition. This small series selected from several brands together to enjoy their ~LIBAI fashion highlights this zhayiting up quite an atmosphere of the brand, this season also in terms of design showing a "designer" beyond the atmosphere. Last season’s Gothic retro impressive, this season also continue to express a rebellious personality, but added some literary flavor. Looking ahead is full of high purity khaki, black, green and purple sauce, so rich in color with high density cotton, the overall profile of Hideo, it can make a small woman become handsome N eight degree. The woman in white + street fashion, really very cool attitude ~ Han Zhou three million filial piety skirt what is said to wear it to the traversing the show at the first glance Hengyuan Tencel confused: Men’s and women’s wear, trousers, skirt, a real wear day, there is a little bit grand sight the dress designer is not to explain, the show does not surprise in the clothing design? However, "Hengyuan Tencel" is not a fashion brand, which is composed of a new type of fiber fabric fiber developed by Hengtian group. In the fashion week publicity, it is also called "Yuan fiber Hengtian Group silk". We all know, Tencel a as well: green, comfortable, look shiny, soft, not easy to shrink. However, the main production of Tencel has been occupied by foreign, the show’s meaning is to tell you: China also can produce the tencel! So the focus of the show is not how trendy style, but in the texture of each suit. But as a new brand of fiber, in order to get a wide range of fashion circles and even the whole of China, it seems that there is still a long way to go. C.J.YAO China independent designer brands C.J.YAO again stunning Shanghai fashion week, the theme of "LAZY On Air series show" to start another boom, once again become the focus of media and fashion buyers. C.J.YAO SS17 series with environment and popular nowadays most people in the cultural pulse, such as "Ge You lies", "yuan:相关的主题文章:

Chengdu city government to respond to a shared bicycle buckle storm pay close attention to the study oembios.bin

Chengdu municipal government in response to shared deduction storm: bicycle to study to standardize the management of original title: Chengdu municipal government responded to sharing storm: encourage new bicycle deduction mode, pay close attention to the study of standardized management of Sichuan online news: Recently, Chengdu Tianfu new City Huayang Street office management office on the part of the road sharing on bicycle clean move away. Has aroused wide public concern. November 27th, the Secretary General of the Chengdu municipal government, municipal government spokesman Zhang Zhenghong on the public concern, sharing bicycle related issues, an interview with reporters. Reporter: shared bicycle to a certain extent, the convenience of the public travel, I would like to ask the Chengdu municipal government is how to treat the "shared bicycle" this way of travel? Zhang Zhenghong: Recently, Huobian Chengdu "shared bicycle", provides a new choice for people to travel to travel to the public, "the last mile" to provide a great convenience, causing some popular and hot, the municipal Party committee, municipal government is also highly concerned about. Chengdu has always attached importance to the concept of green development, and actively advocate and support the public to choose the green low-carbon travel, including bicycles, the general public to respond positively, is an important force to promote the city’s green development. We encourage and support the "shared bicycle, new models, new business development in Chengdu, and hope that all types of enterprises to provide more thoughtful and convenient and safe services based on the needs of the people and work together to build Chengdu into a green and low carbon city. Reporter: the bike sharing "in Huayang" experience ", the municipal government is how to treat the" bicycle sharing "in Chengdu management? Zhang Zhenghong: we note that the "shared bicycle to bring you convenience, there are also some problems that can not be ignored, such as embezzlement, non-standard blind lane parking problem. We can not simply say "NO", also be indifferent to the laissez faire, the municipal government has asked the urban management, traffic control and other related departments to study how to standardize the management and orderly operation, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, protect the legitimate interests of enterprises, promote the sustained and healthy development of industry.相关的主题文章: