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Master: the market consolidation period Kanpan shelter edge – Sohu financial Sohu securities August hearing today in early trading stock index opened flat, Shen Chengzhi opened, two city is diving then index finishing at 3060 points near the opening, all day long volatility, trading two stock markets both fell, on the surface and no heat of the Sohu stock master view: Wang Guoqiang Island: one aspect of this form of technical analysis is analysis of inversion, the use of any one aspect of technical analysis are not mechanical, especially in the market in the finishing period, the more bearish atmosphere pay attention may turn slowly, so standing in the long view, only short-term you need to temporarily avoid short edge, edge mainly refers to the gap appeared after 4 days after the next Wednesday, short edge, it is necessary to pay attention to multi copy The bottom may come, this time just before the opening of the G20 meeting 2, 3 trading days coincide. Mo Shu said: under the stimulation of the stock of bad and do not break down in technical position, there is no need to stop to leave the flesh, because the overall trend has not any change, investors only need to control the position, waiting for the right opportunity to low back, good rolling operation. Tamana: recently for everyone to do a lot of mining value stocks, the stock market is now the end of the weight, value stocks opportunity, including the pre introduced and into new, Zhejiang medicine, one hundred foreign shares today are contrarian rebound, and the formation of the resistance breakthrough, it also shows that with the adjustment of the bargain hunting the behavior of funds. Strategy, investors hand to avoid the heavyweights before the trap, on the other hand do not change the value of the shares, remains low pattern, after all in the slow bear market, only the value of the shares will gradually reflect the stability of the opportunity. In the afternoon from the trend, since the market hit a low of 3041 in early trading after the shock rebound. At noon to undertake analysis, due to early fall appeared to accelerate and peatlands, indicates that the flesh disk appeared to leave the phenomenon, which makes the start point 3140 down trend is expected to come to an end, with the continued recovery in the afternoon market, there is reason to believe that the market is expected to appear next short-term rebound. I got today shares close below the daily 3070 key points, to close out the lower band gap volume of the small Yin hanging neckline, the trend is weak, has gone bad may belong to the middle state. Close tomorrow K-line, opened this week in 3107, this week almost overcast to change up. Tomorrow whether the new low, whether it can be completely recovered today in the gap, not allowed to close below the 20 line under the premise, to recover the daily 3070 key points to reduce the midline may go bad. Tomorrow aspect: the attitude of heavyweights, the volume and price relationship is benign. The IF wind vane. Li Maolin: for the afternoon, but the first is more optimistic, because the main digging is a big opportunity; second is to attract outside capital into chips; again is the operation rules of band box is broken; in order to stand, when all the people are not optimistic about the market, has been on the road! Market outlook focused on the bottom of peatlands varieties. Contrarian defensive varieties, four varieties of flowering line; strategy, and gradually grasp the structural main rhythm.相关的主题文章:

The New York bombings suspects arrested had to apply for a US visa pregnant wife

The New York bombings suspects arrested for pregnant wife for a visa to the United States in September 20, according to foreign media reports, the United States of New Jersey a congressman said suspected of the bombing in New York arrested Afghan suspect Rahami in 2014 for his pregnant wife to apply for a visa. Reported that Rahami had in 2014 to the Congress to write an e-mail to seek help, because the wife of Pakistan’s passport expired, Rahami. The congressional office later to the United States Embassy in Pakistan to verify the situation, the final lahmi wife won the visa. In lahmi was identified as the bombing suspects after the congressman told this thing to contact FBI. 19 New York city police issued an arrest warrant, found 28 year old Ahmad · Khan; · for the 17 day event lahmi Manhattan Chelsea New York District explosion suspect. O’neal, director of the New York police department confirmed at noon on the 19 day, the suspect has been arrested in the case of the explosion of Mr Chelsea. New York’s mayor, de Blasi, says there are good reasons to believe that the New York bombing was a terrorist act. Police released information shows that Rahami is a U.S. citizen of Afghanistan, was born in Afghanistan in January 23, 1988, after the u.s.. Rahami’s last known address is located in the city of New Jersey, Elizabeth. Debra Theo, mayor of New York, ·, said in an interview with local media, said, "may be" with weapons, very dangerous, "said Bill". According to media reports, New Jersey police said Rahami was also suspected of the United States Marine Corps charity marathon explosion related.相关的主题文章:

State Council venture capital deal ban venture capital stocks led by the Commission to broaden the e

The new venture capital stocks from venture capital Commission led to broaden the exit channel sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my author: Du Qingqing venture investment is essential for economic transformation, trying to attract more capital to participate in the venture capital is currently working under the state council. In September 20th, the Chinese government announced the "State Council on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). First Financial Daily reporters found that, compared with the previous entrepreneurial support policies, the venture capital deal has a number of policy breakthroughs. In broadening the scope of funding access, tax incentives, listing support, as well as exit channels and other investors are most concerned about the arrangements for more specific support measures. Investment period reverse linked opinions proposed to study the establishment of the listed companies listed on the lifting of the ban and the length of the investment period before the reverse linked to the institutional arrangements. According to the State Council, the Commission will be responsible for the division of responsibilities of the relevant system. Venture capital is high, and the greater the risk to the early stage. In order to encourage financial support to move forward, will the investment period and after the listing of the lifting of the ban reverse hook, this innovative institutional arrangements concern. According to the "opinions", make the design consideration is to encourage long-term investment, want to study to focus on long-term investment and the value of the investment of venture capital investment enterprises in the corporate bond issuance, the government guide fund support, project docking, market exit etc. to give the necessary policy support. In terms of funding sources, Opinions also increased support for long-term funds, especially insurance funds. On the one hand, requirements in the premise of risk control, safety flow under the support of the central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, insurance companies, university fund and other institutional investors in venture investment enterprises and venture capital fund. On the other hand, requires the establishment of venture capital enterprises and various financial institutions, long-term market cooperation mechanism, to further reduce the commercial insurance funds to enter the field of venture capital threshold, to promote a new model of development investment loan linkage, linkage, linkage and other insurance investment bonds. In addition, encourage insurance asset management institutions and other entrepreneurial innovation resources related institutions involved in venture capital. In terms of tax support, will encourage research in Technology Co venture investment enterprises and angel investors investment seed and start-up period enterprise tax policy support, to further improve the venture capital investment to offset tax preferential policies. At the same time, the "opinions" will be carried out to carry out angel investors personal income tax policy pilot. In the commercial environment, the "opinions" issued by the relevant policy banned all over the limit of venture investment enterprises and venture capital management enterprise market access and development. On the contrary, to establish the development of venture capital industry filing and regulatory filing interoperability mechanism. In the legal environment, the State Council requires the relevant ministries to venture capital, private equity, foreign institutions to improve legislation. First, the study of the relevant legislation to promote the work of venture capital, and promote the improvement of corporate law and partnership law; two is to improve the relevant management system of venture capital, private equity funds to promote the Interim Regulations on the management of funds相关的主题文章:

Hainan court three big platform to promote judicial openness and public perception of fairness and j win7codecs

Hainan court of the "big three" platform construction to promote judicial public feelings of the people of Justice – Beijing Beijing in September 26 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Fu Meibin) Hainan Provincial Higher People’s court vice president Liu Cheng 26, in the province of the five NPC Standing Committee twenty-third meeting on the topic of the report said that the construction of the three Hainan court of justice open platform (that is, the flow of public trial, judgment documents, the implementation of information disclosure), the promotion of justice and the v. service contracting interest rate, to avoid "the emergence of a large number of different co contracting problems, reform the judicial petition significantly, preliminary implementation of judicial appeal according to law, the rights of rational regression. Liu Cheng said that the Hainan court of the three judicial open platform for the purpose of making people feel justice in every judicial case. He said that 28 of the province’s courts (excluding Sansha two court filing Hall) has been built and the litigation service center. The litigation service center to implement the "one-stop" open service, covering the action guide, registration, trial and enforcement information disclosure, legal documents, consulting, material collection, query letters and reception, answering questions after judgment (judge, rotating) payment refund, judicial relief, file access, inspection and other twelve service reception. Since May 1st last year since the implementation of the registration system, to the first half of this year, the province’s three court filing rate of up to 95.2%. Can not be filed on the spot to do a one-time written reply, five days to make a decision. Filing hall to establish the whole process of the judge handling the case publicly, the parties through the touch screen can click on the window to view the filing information and the whole process of the trial process. Inconvenience to the door of the parties and off-site filing problems, the implementation of online filing, online inquiry, the implementation of the appointment of a remote village and filing. The court of first instance, the second instance, the retrial, retrial cases, except in accordance with the provisions of the law is not open, all public hearing. Major sensitive difficult cases, invited deputies, CPPCC members, independent supervisors attended the trial and live trial. Since 2013, the province’s court by law as the Tianya website has broadcast the trial period 426. Hainan court case with "code" in the litigation documents, the parties through the mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code can directly query related cases in various stages of the case, the undertaker, closing date, the progress of the trial, the legal trial, trial days all kinds of details. Hainan court will comply with the terms of the public judgment documents published by the end of the net to be uploaded to the Chinese referee network. As of August 31, 2016, the province’s courts in the end of the legal network, the Chinese referee instrument network issued 153050 referee documents. The implementation of information disclosure, the horizon legal network carrier to the public according to the law enforcement cases, standard fees, execution risk, based on the implementation of standards and implementation procedures and other relevant information. Judicial open forced judges to continuously improve the quality of business ability and level, strengthen the judge’s business sense of responsibility. At the beginning of this year, Hainan three courts since two months review of "judicial reform" settles in more than 8 thousand cases)相关的主题文章:

Who said that ran away Millet mix 130 thousand anger for his name darren hayes

Who said that ran away? Millet MIX 130 thousand anger for his name is the MIX millet millet’s most popular models, the three face side front screen design achievements of the "true flagship" name. However, in a few days ago, a "millet MIX run of only more than 90 thousand" news people fall glasses. Is the new flagship millet run king not in Ann bunny who stumbled? Millet MIX run practice, with millet MIX continued to put goods, Rice noodles get real machine too. Now, millet MIX users with a mobile phone to run, to prove millet MIX strength. Screenshot shows that millet MIX (Standard Version) of the run up to 134865 points, compared to the previous 90218 points, I really do not know where to go. Before running the results of the comparison, the new running test millet MIX 3D performance, UX system performance, CPU performance and RAM performance scores have been significantly improved, RAM performance of an increase of nearly 3000 points. However, even so, millet MIX does not seem to play due strength. You know, Xiaolong 821 models but had run out of more than 160 thousand points. Perhaps, millet is in order to stabilize and maintenance of life and some conservative.相关的主题文章: