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Warrior generals Green: playing the collective reflection of defense to win the 30 sun sports Sohu – > > data record survey shot point hot friends Beijing time on November 14th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Jinzhou warriors home court against Feinikesi in the sun. The warriors finished, 133-120 victory over the sun, to celebrate the 4 game winning streak. But after the game, no one can cheer up and down. After all, most of the time, the leading side is always the suns. Warriors coach Steve – Cole said, "we are going to win the championship, so we can not just rely on the players who can score." In this game, the warriors four giants, a total of 103 points, the Klein Thompson comeback, he played 33 minutes, making 11 of 18 shots, three ball 8 in 5, 3 on the line 3, the highest single game season with 30 points. And in addition to Thompson, curry had 30 points and 6 assists and 6 rebounds, Durant 29 points and 9 rebounds and 5 assists, 2 blocks, Green had 14 points and 7 rebounds and 11 assists recorded. However, Tang God in an interview, and not because of their good condition and he also talked about pleased with oneself, the overall defensive warrior, "you can’t have them (the sun) in the outwire 50% hit rate, if we want to reach the final goal, then (Defense) this aspect, we clearly need to hard error." Drummond Green also believes that the victory over the sun such a youth, is not what exciting, "this kind of game, can not stimulate the enthusiasm of the fans, because they hope we play, to win their 30 points." (Poirot)相关的主题文章:

Powerful Liu Shishi! Two new lob head beautiful new height (video)-disise.com

Powerful Liu Shishi! Two new LOB head beautiful new height she is "attack" gas "Liu Yingjun", a handsome man stand up ~ can quickly switch to the "beauty of poems, the speed of the lever is not SEI ~ wearing fashionable casual wear daily, but skill is not reduced and oh ~" his "Nicky Wu wedding Mrs. wonderful wedding wedding, from all over the world to confession, abuse and single Wang ~ great marriage has always been low-key Liu Shishi in October 18th Tory Burch brand activities of the scene to help out. On the day of the two sets of Tory Burch 2017 poems in early spring vacation series dress, a red and white pleated skirt, shoulder Gemini Link folk style ivory white small satchel. Mainly to see the temperament, consistently clear Shishi, micro LOB head volume collocation delicate facial features, more charming and gentle ~ designer Tory Burch, together with beautiful skin white beauty, which is the reflective plate ~ another is flounce shirt to reveal the fragrant shoulder straps, a blingbling dress collocation. Golden Earrings ~ cross straps successfully steal the spotlight shoes also fried chicken to see ~ in poetry also stood in front of the store model hi posing cute ~ imitation, straight stand, head gently, behavior is fan, a word is nothing special fan ~ ~ kill a side face while talking about Shishi and Tory Burch fate can be traced back to the summer’s most popular "Huo as" marriage, Bali Island Zhongmei gathered at the same time, Shishi also chose Tory Burch the word shoulder beautiful skirt, and the little swallow, Zhou Gongzi, fan ye, Tao, the bride stands together is the United States to attend the activities of this poem as just perfect ~ Tory Burch brand and Tencent are also friends, in the event of an interview with Liu Shishi, Cecilia talking eyes, sincerely look at each other’s eyes, always smiling always answered every question, such as sincere and poetry frozen chicken ~ Tencent fashion: poetry, today in the shop around the circle, there is no special thing like what? Liu Shishi: I just saw the clothes in the spring and summer of 2017. There are some other things that should not be all. Tencent fashion: what is your impression of the brand as a whole, I think you also cross. Liu Shishi: very luxurious, looks very comfortable, not repeat them, and the fashionable elements in. Tencent fashion: we see you often wear some of the more neutral clothes in life, personal wear on the ride? Liu Shishi: not completely neutral. Tencent fashion: see you often have some bias men. Liu Shishi: sometimes. I think the fashionable elements, with their own style, comfort. Tencent are often seen: you have some more repeat items, such as sunglasses, often wearing a windbreaker, there are bags. You also said that before the special love to buy things, why the utilization of these things is very high? Liu Shishi: it won’t be repeated. It’s two or three. I think we all wear normal clothes, and will not wear a piece of clothing is not a time, right? I think I belong to the normal wear law, feeling相关的主题文章:

He Junjie Internet technology to create a one-stop ecosystem services – Sohu automobile-my128.net

He Junjie: with the Internet technology to build ecological system to provide one-stop service – Auto Sohu [editor’s note] the Guangzhou auto show in 2016 November 18th officially kicked off, the show featured 1130 vehicles, 19 sets of concept cars, the world’s first car 56 units, of which multinational companies start 7 sets. A total of 146 new energy vehicles, of which domestic enterprises exhibition car, Taiwan, foreign enterprises exhibition car 97 units of 49. Sohu cars will be the first time for you to show the car industry feast. The following is an interview with He Junjie, President of Changan Ford Motor Co., ltd.. Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. President He Junjie Sohu car: this year’s Guangzhou auto show, Changan Ford to the lineup of exhibitors, what is the biggest bright spot? He Junjie: very good question, this year brought the whole car lineup, several aspects, including the family car Fawkes and fortune Rui, these two cars sales are very good, reaching a record high. In addition to our flagship model luxury car taurus. Especially Ford is the highlight of the new Mondeo, the new Mondeo collocation of a series of high-tech configuration, on behalf of the chi, Chi Qing, Zhaopin "trend. The new Mondeo equipped with a hybrid, is of great help to fuel economy, we have a new connection configuration called the Ford group. Ford faction can be a good driver and car to connect, you can through the application of the system, directly open the vehicle, you can lock the car, so as to make a good connection with the vehicle. The next is to emphasize the application of Ford group, it is not only an application, it created the entire ecosystem, Ford can be sent through 24 hours a day to contact us ambassador Ford, if you encounter problems, can timely get the solution to the problem. There is a SUV family, from small to large in SUV SUV, including the wing stroke, Maverick and sharp boundary. In addition, Ford Chinese imported SUV our booth, can greatly increase the coverage of SUV, including the explorers and Jiangling production way can shake, China customers at all levels required for SUV products. Ford has a very long history of SUV, more than 50 years. Now through a series of SUV, we can prove that we have a full range of SUV family. More exciting is the performance of the car. CTCC has achieved 9 crowns over the last 11 years, and Ford China has imported superior products, including Mustang and F150, we have very many, very rich products. In our showroom and VR experience area, we can feel good. Sohu: Changan Ford this year’s sales situation is like? He Junjie: Changan Ford 1-10 sales this year, an increase of 14% year on year, the growth of the strong growth of Fawkes and fortune, the current brand has set up two products. Why Fawkes did so well, because the brand in the market has a very long history, and the positioning is very accurate, very good, very good, and so on. Fu Rui sell particularly well, the whole shape, interior, space and configuration is done very well. Our quality is also very.相关的主题文章:

Jiangxi, a man actually hit the lover into such a reason or……-face gossip

Jiangxi, a man actually hit the lover into such a reason or…… Nanchang news network is only because the two feelings between the cracks, and quarrel, Nanchang a man with a hand toward the victim Jo face slapped, but cause the nasal bone fracture. In November 8th, the reporter was informed that, recently, Xihu District people’s court trial, the crime of intentional injury, Zhang sentenced the accused guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to three months imprisonment. According to reports, October 10, 2015 22 am, Zhang came to the victim’s home, the two sides quarrel because of emotional problems. After the defendant Zhang with his right hand toward the victim Jo’s face slapped, causing the victim Jo nasal fracture. After two forensic identification: the victim’s injuries were slightly injured Cao class two. October 21, 2015, the defendant Zhang was arrested by public security organs. The court held that the defendant Zhang deliberately damage the health of others, causing a minor injury two, and its behavior has constituted the crime of intentional injury. The facts and charges charged by the public prosecutor. The defendant Zhang justice truthfully confessed his crime, be given a lighter punishment. After the incident, the defendant Zhang compensation for the loss of the victim and get their understanding, appropriate sentences. Then made the decision in accordance with the law. After hearing the court after the verdict, Zhang too late for regrets, because of his impulsive feelings, not only not to save, also face three months in jail. (Liu Wenfeng, Li Xiang correspondent Pan Yi)相关的主题文章:

Miserable! Thunder general right foot acute fracture no specific comeback time (video)-zhuxianduowan

Miserable! Thunder general right of acute fractures without specific return time, less left behind Oklahoma City who is the most happy? Partner Penn car excited a flurry of injury is not optimistic in September 30th Tencent Payne sports news (the Tim MacMahon ESPN writer) thunder official announced today, defender Cameron Payne foot acute fracture, and no specific return time. As a substitute to Westbrook Payne, the new season is expected to play an important role, if he is out for a long time, the thunder’s rotation will no doubt be affected. Payne began in the US local time Tuesday’s practice match were injured in the accident, a diagnosis of his injury, the team will be a sprained ankle, but on the second day after the morning, Payne feel sore right foot, then the examination found that his right foot acute fracture. In July of this year, Payne’s fifth metatarsal in his right foot had Jones fracture, he subsequently underwent surgery to repair, because the injury is not serious, so it does not affect Jones to participate in the training camp. Now, however, Jones’s right foot is again a problem. According to thunder official sources, the two foot Jones fractures are not related, in the summer when the injury is a stress fracture, and now this is the collision fracture, it is unclear whether Jones will accept another surgery, he re evaluation of trauma in the next week, to determine the specific recovery date. Payne’s ankle seems to have become the Achilles heel, in March of this year, he felt sore feet, then he reduced the training, and the rest of the season on the boot offseason, Jones played in the summer league, but the ankle pain has not improved, eventually he and the team decided to repair the Jones fracture surgery. In the summer, great changes have taken place in the thunder squad, Kevin Durant to flee the Warriors also allows the team to enter into a new era, after leaving Durant, Penn is expected to assume a greater role in the offense, as a substitute to Westbrook Payne, is an important part of the rotation, and he’s looking little partner in the new season and Wei, but because the Penn ankle injury, his future is with great uncertainty. If the start of the new season Payne not debut, so this summer has just signed veteran Preiss will play the role of the bench less wei. The 22 year old Penn height 1 meter 88, is the 2015 NBA draft pick fourteenth show last season for the thunder, Payne played 57 games, starting 1 games, averaging 5 points and 1.9 assists, he always acts as the role of partner Wei few before the game, the two magic dance become a scenery on the field. This is not the first to face thunder players’ feet Jones fracture problem, in the 2014-15 season, Durant’s right foot on the implementation of the three operation, eventually he missed 55 games, but the thunder said, the current circumstances and Durant Payne is completely different. In Oklahoma City, they also look forward to Penn will return as soon as possible, after all, the team is really vulnerable. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: