The pilot domestic circulation system reform of our country has formed the experience can be

The pilot domestic circulation system reform of our country has formed the experience can be replicated — financial reform — domestic circulation system development pilot has achieved the desired results, the formation of a number of achievements in the reform of circulation management system, development model, infrastructure legalization of the business environment, innovation and development of circulation system in four aspects, the formation of a group of replicated experience and mode. This is a reporter at the Ministry of commerce routine conference information. The Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said at the press conference, the replicated experience and models will provide a useful reference for promoting the reform and development of domestic circulation. Last July, the Ministry of Commerce and relevant departments in Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Qingdao, Huangshi, Yiwu 9 city to carry out the reform of domestic trade circulation system for one year comprehensive development pilot. Shen Danyang said that at present, the pilot cities have concluded a preliminary pilot experience list. He said that the Ministry of commerce is to entrust the third party assessment agencies for effectiveness evaluation, proposed in the list will experience replicated nationwide in the evaluation of the basis, and in conjunction with the relevant departments as soon as possible replicated nationwide. According to reports, the Shanghai led the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta regional market integration and cooperation mechanism, break regional blockades, strengthening inter regional coordination and cooperation, promote the integration of regional markets; for the domestic circulation of the negative list, the list of responsibilities of management mode actively, constructs a new circulation management mode to the core of credit business. Qingdao actively promote the circulation of local legislation pilot, the introduction of the "Qingdao commodity circulation market construction and management regulations", which is the country’s first comprehensive regulation of commodity circulation market management of local laws and regulations. Chengdu has established a public food market "three separate, separate from the" investment, construction, operation and management model and the "four unified, the three level" of urban and rural integrated logistics and distribution system. Xiamen to establish a "multi rules" sharing platform for the sharing of facilities planning security mechanism and large-scale commercial facilities land transfer advisory system. Huangshi has established the circulation of business travel culture "fusion" working mechanism, promote the construction of the circulation market management system. (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章:

To lose the dead! India’s richest man to push the price of 100 yuan 4G phone – Sohu digital-dnf商人吧

To lose the dead! The richest man in India to push the price of 100 yuan 4G –   digital mobile phone Sohu; according to India media reports, India’s richest man, Mukesh? Ambani (Mukesh  Ambani) announced that the company will launch Telecom before the price is only 1000 rupees (about 101 yuan) 4G mobile phone, let India 4G users more popular. Just this year, Mukesh Ambani also launched a free 4G Internet phone in India. The richest man in India to push the price of 100 yuan 4G mobile phone (pictures from the home of IT  );       media quoted sources, Mukesh telecommunications company (reliance Infocomm) is the development of the price of 1000 rupees (about 101 yuan) and 1500 rupees (about 152 yuan) of the 4G mobile phone, in addition to provide live television and video on demand digital content, mobile phone will also bind unlimited voice and video phone service.         and the two models of low-cost 4G mobile phone is likely in the next 1 to March listing, faithful information and communication company has been with the India mobile phone manufacturer Lava  International and China, the mobile phone manufacturers contact, ready for production, but the cost estimated at 2500 rupees (about 253 yuan), will be faithful give subsidies to keep prices down to 1000 rupees and 1500 rupees for the price.               reliance program lock is still in use of 2G mobile phone in rural areas and three line city market, provide with high quality voice services VoLTE 4G mobile phone, with low-cost has a large population, the use of this mobile phone is the main phone market potential.         but for this information, faithful information communication has not responded. According to statistics, India currently has about 65% mobile phone users are using the feature phone, market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) senior research manager Singh (Navkendar  Singh) believes that once the faithful really launched 1000 rupees VoLTE mobile phone, will change India’s ecological market.相关的主题文章:

Wall Street English easy money refund to refund time delay excuse-crycry

Wall Street English easy money refund to refund the original title: excuse to postpone the time to refund money to Wall Street before the date of registration, Ms. Zhang in Wall Street English class stores in Chongwen 5 days later, he proposed a refund, the staff was asked to provide medical records to prove. Several rounds of negotiations, the other said a refund within 45 days of arrival, but an excuse to delay. President of the store, Mr. Han responded yesterday that the refund will be credited to the account within a week. Wall Street English headquarters public relations, will urge the store to deal with and improve services. Refund to pay medical records to prove Ms. Zhang said that in August 31st to the Beijing Morning Post reporter, she spent 57800 yuan for English training at the Wall Street store in Chongwen, a few days have relatives from home call, said her mother was ill need someone to take care of, I intend to return home". Ms. Zhang said, when she was just in Wall Street on the three lesson, according to the refund treaty, the later the more the application fee deduction". Reporters saw from the course contract, 7 days after the start of the course to drop out, need to deduct 500 yuan management fee, followed by accumulation. Ms. Zhang Italy has decided in September 4th to its mother sick to put out the course sales, the other asked her to provide medical records to prove, "did not expect payment easy refund difficult, my mother’s medical records to prove my own personal privacy, the contract also did not specify this requirement." The next day, accompanied by a friend, Ms. Zhang to negotiate with the Wall Street again, she heard the reporter from the recording, the salesman said can be removed from the medical records to prove, but also to the shop on the grounds to refuse to handle. Drag to 7 days will buckle me more money, so I insisted on going back on the spot, a few arguments, the other side can not agree, and in the case of Ms. Zhang to apply for refund period of 45 days. An excuse to delay the refund time in mid October, to date, have not received a refund to the headmaster Ms. Zhang asked stores. He said 45 days should receive a refund, I need to sign the amount of money to the school." October 23rd, Ms. Zhang went to the campus finance department to fill out a refund amount of documents, and the financial officer of the argument made her angry again, she actually said that from the date of signing 45 days refund". Zhang said that the financial staff explained that she submitted a refund before the application is handwritten, the signing of the seal is the official application. Reporters saw from the terms of the contract, the date of termination of the contract to submit a written application to the date of the consumer prevail". "Handwritten application is not a written application?" Ms. Zhang is difficult to accept this argument. Within a week promised refunds arrival reporters yesterday at the Chongwen store President Han Xiansheng, he said that the sales staff asked Ms. Zhang to provide medical records to prove, because the school is for each occurrence of a refund need to indicate the real reason, in order to avoid the work of negligence, but also convenient for Ms. Zhang as soon as possible. At that time the sales call to talk about this thing, I said that if the students can provide, then quickly to do the refund, do not delay others." For the refund period, Mr. Han denied the financial staff said, "according to the students submitted September 5th refund 45 days calculated during the eleven departments and the bank may rest, has not yet led to the account, the refund has returned to the bank on相关的主题文章:

SAIC online shopping commodity sampling failure rate over 30% – home appliances – People’s network-sorpack

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce: online shopping goods unqualified rate of over 30% – home appliances — original title: SAIC: online shopping goods unqualified rate of over 30% in Beijing, reported on October 8th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the date of the special commodity trading network quality sampling results. The sampling provides a total sample of 497 batches of effective detection, found 172 batches of substandard goods, substandard goods overall detection rate was 34.6%. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Taobao, Tmall, Yi Xun network, Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, Gome online,, Amazon and other Chinese, the domestic market main business platform traded commodity quality sampling. Sampling of goods involving electric fan, induction cooker, electric kettle, mobile phone, power adapter, plug and socket, converter, recorder, children’s toys, household paper products, adult clothing, underwear, shoes, bags, sanitary napkins, child safety seats and other daily consumer goods, sampling a total of 503 batches of goods. 503 batches of goods, 4 batches of goods for the "three noes" products, 2 batches of goods by the manufacturer identified as counterfeit goods, effective samples for 497 batches. Detection of 172 batches of substandard goods, the quality of the internal quality of about 93%, only the mark and description of the unqualified accounted for about 7%. The sampling found unqualified goods, SAIC has instructed the relevant provinces and cities of industry and Commerce and market supervision departments to strictly investigate and punish. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章:

Gang food – and fun to eat delicious – Sohu eat and drink-巴雷特m82a1

Gang? — food and fun people eat delicious food and drink – Sohu hunger breeds discontentment, eating is the basic survival needs, but also a kind of attitude to life. With the rapid development of the Internet today, just a touch of a finger, touch a few mobile phone screen, you can stay at home to enjoy the delicacy, so all kinds of delicacy app born quietly, but mostly just to provide delivery service, occasionally browse to a very interesting app – · group; food, it is actually a private the kitchen platform, users are not only to eat, as long as there is a superb cuisine, can also become a group of · food master. The owner can take time and place and delicacy released, users can love online booking, in particular, between the owner and the user can select another chowhound, master if not satisfied with each other, can join the denial of TA, so as to ensure the quality of the dinner. Such a app can not only taste the delicacy, but also make friends from all corners of the country, quite interesting! Has been on the production of cakes of particular interest, just to see the group of · food released a double yilanzhai making green bean cake activities, costs only 50 yuan will be able to store experience green bean cake production process and taste the cake, so affordable price to be able to learn a hundred years of traditional craft tea, not immediately a single, single step is quite simple, as long as the open event page, click on "immediately scheduled, follow the prompts to register. According to the process, 2:30 came to the double yilanzhai gate, there have been several partners to advance to the store, two yilanzhai staff warmly received us, also took out all kinds of cakes for everyone to enjoy. Take a break and start today’s experience: prepare to wash your hands and wear work clothes. [production] 1 mung beans soaked in warm water for 6-8 hours, hand peeled. 2 peeled mung bean in the steamer. 3 steamed bean on the screen on the grinding filter, smaller pore filter selection made out of green bean cake will be more delicate. 4 will be milled with mung bean powder mixed in certain proportion, add olive oil frying. 5 into the ice. 6 chilled green bean cake into a mold, compacting scraping, tapping a few will be accomplished. A small green bean cake looks very simple, in fact, the production process is very complicated, slow, it is precisely because of this, adhere to the pure hand without adding the concept of double blue, green bean cake taste quite delicate, entrance is cool and refreshing, sweet but not greasy, really delicious. In addition to green bean cake and various cakes are good, give food for two. If you like me, is a favorite with chowhound, try this a fun app, will bring you a new experience is not the same.相关的主题文章: