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Overseas party leaders hot the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee: to create a comprehensive strictly new situation of Beijing – Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: November 15 a comprehensive strictly new situation — party leaders overseas hot the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Fang and Zhang Wei China Communist party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee a comprehensive focus strictly, passed the "guiding principles for party political life and the new situation" the "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations". Any of the parties in the world, how to build a party Hing party, management and administration of the party, is the major problem is not easy to answer but must be answered. In the eyes of some overseas political leaders, the six plenary session is a good answer to this problem, promote the comprehensive and create new situation strictly. Focus on the rule of law strictly for the New Zealand Labour Party chairman Howorth believes that the overall strictly emphasis on the rule of law, any illegal, regardless of the status of high power multiple, should be brought to justice. He stressed that strong discipline and the rule of law, is the key to the success of each party and country. Serious political life within the party and strengthening supervision within the party is conducive to the implementation of the party’s policy. All parties need to discipline, discipline is one of the key factors of the success of the party. Former Prime Minister of Canada, former Liberal Party leader, said that he had long served as party leader, leading a political party is a very complex thing. From his experience, "strictly the idea is good, this concept will benefit the people Chinese". Corruption within the party the six plenary session of the CPC passed very fruitful comprehensive strictly go deep go real strong signal. Since eighteen, the overall strictly included "the four overall strategic layout, adhere to the" tiger "," fly ", and severely punish corruption, purify the party political ecology. Monroy, general secretary of the revolutionary party system in Mexico, said how to combat and prevent corruption within the party is a problem that any party in the world is facing. For the ruling party, the ruling means to assume greater responsibility, the Party leadership should lead by example. Mongolia Roy said, CPC as a model strictly, government decision very fruitful. For the Communist Party of China, corruption of Party members and cadres is unforgivable, but also resolutely not allowed. The comprehensive strictly is to consolidate the ruling foundation, do not live up to the trust and support of the people. In the view of the New Zealand Labour Party chairman Haworth, corruption will make the party go astray, if there is corruption within the party, will need to resolutely governance. Comprehensive strictly will significantly improve the CPC’s ruling ability, for the future development Chinese significance. Zimbabwe African National Union patriotic front, said the Secretary of the administration of justice, corruption will undermine the achievements of a country or party, must resolutely crack down on. He believes that the anti-corruption work has been achieved. The fight against corruption also requires countries to cooperate, if Chinese have corrupt elements to other countries, these countries should be sent back to China, accept legal sanctions. The ability to win the praise of the six plenary session of the CPC Central Committee put forward the "Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee", which is the fundamental interests of the party and the state.相关的主题文章: