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Originally, Geely Geely Automobile Marketing Sohu will not do not do marketing, not to give a view of Gao’s bad, but Geely Automobile Group CEO, CEO security intelligence in the media interview said. This is the answer to the questions posed by the media when he was listed on geely vision SUV. At the end of the month, "intermediate home to enjoy SUV SUV 100 000 geely vision City listing car and happy student action launch ceremony in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, one of the city held simultaneously. New car a total of 2 kinds of displacement of 6 models, the price range of 7.49-10.19 million. Listed on the same day, the first batch of new prospects SUV officially delivered to the user, to show the prospect of SUV listed hot selling hot start. In addition, the same day also launched a vision of the lucky SUV student action, funded 100 poor students to achieve the university dream, the vision of the SUV bearer of happiness, warmth and responsibility to the community. Geely SUV layout is getting better, from a nice, open, good intelligence "three SUV" bullyear and SUV Cross City imperial GS, with leading technology, the models of the quality and value of a market panic buying craze. Although subject to capacity constraints, in July the end of the Bo more than 10 thousand cars still exceeded the total order after the listing has more than 80 thousand vehicles. The imperial GS sales reached 6728 units. The two models shows that the Geely SUV sales accounted for up to 35%, achieved gratifying situation of car and SUV go hand in hand, but also for the prospective SUV listing to lay a solid foundation. As Geely launched this year third heavyweight SUV products, SUV vision since mid July after the sale, in the country set off a boom in order, just over a month it gains 15 thousand orders, showing its strong product strength and market appeal. The prospect of Geely Automobile Products as a series of development, the formation of "vision system SUV+ family sedan", and Bo series, imperial series together form the Geely brand under the three products at the same time the vision camp; SUV will also work with bullyear, imperial GS matrix layout form of Geely Automobile in the SUV market, to further meet the subdivision the market needs of users, to enhance the competitiveness of Geely in the field of SUV, to achieve two wheel sedan and SUV product driven strategy. On the day of the auspicious prospect SUV listed, Geely decided to hold the unprecedented scale of the city of 100 million units in the delivery ceremony, on one hand that Geely owner’s attention, for thousands of prospective owners of collective first SUV car "home" to provide an opportunity, but also that good car has high hopes for future SUV. At the same time, Geely Automobile launched a vision of the future of SUV student welfare charity action, funded the country’s 100 poor college students, to help them solve the financial difficulties, the final completion of their studies. In addition, the majority of owners, employees and media friends through social media platform to participate in "you my vision of you my happiness" donate action, and Geely together, help the one hundred students realize university dream. In addition to the high heat of the product, Geely’s 100 million vehicles.相关的主题文章: