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OPPO and vivo are quietly cultivating after the outbreak of the Sohu OPPO and vivo technology is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the intelligent mobile phone market in 2016. According to the data of the aurora Research Institute data show that OPPO and vivo continuation of the second quarter with strong, broke into the top three sales. OPPO in the third quarter accounted for the proportion of sales accounted for the top of the list with HUAWEI, vivo accounted for the highest proportion of 16% in the top third in the list of. In the intelligent mobile phone industry internet marketing popular today, OPPO and vivo is how to use the traditional offline retail channels occupy the market? The Research Institute of the aurora data display, mobile phone ownership rate of the top five brands in the distribution of one or two, three line city, OPPO and vivo brand ownership rate distribution trend and HUAWEI, iPhone on the contrary. OPPO in the three line of the city scale and HUAWEI, millet and apple are in first-tier cities accounted for only 6.16%. Vivo did not even appear in the first tier cities in the top five list of brands, which has a share of the city in the three line of 11.18%. Differentiated marketing strategy is the key to the success of OPPO and vivo. In the early years, OPPO and vivo using the BBK retail channel advantage began the layout of the three or four line of the city’s stores, through deep cooperation with distributors for many years, starting from the mobile phone manufacturers rarely concern the three or four line of the city, the use of the Internet marketing promotion and customer service in these areas lack of features, using the advantage of customer service stores spread rapidly occupied market. In addition to efforts in the region, the crowd is also the secret of OPPO and vivo winning. Aurora Data Institute data show that the proportion of OPPO and vivo in young people aged 25-29 years was significantly higher than the overall level. In addition, 15-19 years old students in the crowd, the proportion of OPPO and vivo also have certain advantages. Product positioning pictures from OPPO and vivo and the function of music, to please the young beautiful high value Yan Korean celebrity as well as in the "happy camp", such as naming the younger generation like high ratings program sponsorship or advertising and other means of brand marketing, OPPO and vivo have their main consumer groups positioning of mobile phone for the young audience. Such a crowd is easy to accept new things, willing to express themselves, there is a certain economic base and strong purchasing power, they are the backbone of the continuous consumption of smart phones. In the case of weak market, accurate brand positioning for mobile phone sales soared to lay the foundation. In terms of pricing, OPPO and vivo’s main product prices are in the range of 2000~3000 yuan. From the sales price distribution data on the main mobile phone brand in the third quarter of the aurora Research Institute data visible, OPPO and vivo in the range of 2000-2999 yuan models occupy the most, from the OPPO mobile phone sales price distribution pattern, the proportion of 2000-2999 reached 53.44%. Vivo mobile phone in the area accounted for 45.51%. Other top five mobile phone brands in the interval table.相关的主题文章: