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Finance Advanced Currency Markets (ACM) is an online currency trading company that offers currency trading services, relevant analysis and market information, forex software, a 24-hour help desk and online forex trading facility to its clients. You can trade in the online forex market through our web-based applications. All our applications require a one-time download, are very space-efficient and easily get stored on your hard drive. Our software is stable, easy to install and provides regular automatic updates. We are concerned about the security of your data and ensure that you have a very secure platform to execute your foreign currency exchange transactions. Our 128-bit SSL encryption offers you a safe and robust online dealing platform, accessible 24-hours, from just about anywhere in the world. At ACM, we understand your different trading needs and thus offer spot foreign exchange trading and spot gold/silver trading. If you are new to forex, you may open a demo or a practice account with us and use our trading platform to gather some hands-on trading skills. If you feel you have what it takes to trade in the online forex market, you can open a live account with us. You may set up a mini account with an initial deposit of minimum USD 2000 or equivalent or a standard account with a minimum initial deposit of USD 5000 or equivalent. We also have an institutional forex trading account that can be set up with a minimum initial deposit of USD 50,000 or equivalent. For more information about our account types, log on to Lets take a quick look at our online forex trading process. A customer provides us information about the deal size and the currency pair. In return, we provide, a bid and an ask price. The customer may take one of these two prices or may ask us for a re-quote. Once our customer gives us the price, we confirm the trade in just about 5-10 seconds. The client may even place a limit order and ask us to buy or sell at a specified price. This helps him to enter the market, add to a pre-existing position and assists profit making. If a client wishes to restrict his loss potential on a particular transaction, he can give us a stop order and we can buy or sell at the specified price. When you trade with ACM, you enjoy several benefits. You get a choice of 27 tradeable currency pairs to choose from. The price you click is the price you get, which means no risk of slippage. A simple one-click is all it takes to execute a transaction. Our 1% margin provides our customers with the level of risk they are willing to take. Our secure website ensures that you conduct all your online forex trading with complete peace of mind. We offer the most efficient and best services in the online currency trading market and charge no commission whatsoever. Our Online Trading Academy can help you enhance your knowledge and skills through our free online classes. For detailed information about our services and our training program, please visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章: