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"One top ten thousand finalists" section of Busan Wei Fan v. maohai – Sohu and Sohu Wei Fan entertainment Ashler stills entertainment news "one top ten thousand finalists" section of Busan Wei Fan told each other from a man why recently, "one top ten thousand" finalists in October 6th opening of the Busan International Film Festival Main competition unit. The film adapted from the novel of the same name by Liu Zhenyun Liu Zhenyun, the screenwriter, the female director Liu Yulin, actress, Wei Fan, Bei Liu starred in ashler. It is reported that this is "a big cuckold epic" on November 11th singles released worldwide. "Mobile phone" eight skin "makes a man a" let the woman heart ache after the movie "one top ten thousand" as the "Silk Road" International Film Festival screenings of the film in advance. Have seen the film, the audience said, the same as the "derailed" theme, "mobile phone" focus on the male perspective, tells a lie in men appear to be derailed numerous lie story, very black humor "Liu’s joke", make the film more than the banter with the real sense of irony "; and a top ten thousand words", "pain" women’s heart, with a silent running sound, emotional conflicts and inner struggle will contemporary people face in life and marriage exposed to the public, like a thrilling "no smoke of war". According to the "mobile phone" let a man picking the skin, "a top ten thousand words of" let the woman heart ache ", Liu Zhenyun said with a smile," beat "mobile phone" when offended all men, the film has a classic lines’ to be honest ‘, so many friends to see me after that, "you’re not a kind ah, this time I for the male audience out of gas, let the woman had a heart ache. "Why Fan Weibiao play each other men from movie" one top ten thousand "mainly around the shoemaker Niu Aiguo (Ashler ornaments) found his wife (Li Qianshi) after the affair of inner struggle, from" tolerance "to" break ", from" smoke to kill "to" collateral "," down ", and finally to the edge every struggle are sympathetic, every" sword "are very powerful. As Liu Zhenyun hand picked actor Niu Aiguo, also starring in only one born in the story of Henan actor, you said great pressure, even in the studio because too deep into the drama collapse; but because in the film with Wei Fan that the strength of the actor Biao play, fully play addiction. In fact, as early as 2014, Wei Fan in the TV series "and why Andy and Lao Cai" have been together for the first time, two people playing the son of the play, but off screen two bluntly xiangjianhenwan. Why is Wei Fan was in front of the media to say out loud, "I fell in love with him, I was his personality, he was thoroughly impressed with the vivid performance." "One" in the two people to cooperate again, Wei Fan played the liberation of the song is the sister of the cattle patriotic sister (Bei Liu ornaments) of the husband, that is, the cow’s patriotic brother-in-law. If the ox patriotism is a piercing role, then the song of liberation is the small fire to simmer role. You said, "every time and teacher cooperation can learn a lot of things, he to study deep processing lines, and on the emotional, really worthy of the young actor相关的主题文章: