One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was the little black

One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was shut out of the dark room Cheju Airport the dark room door closed, China tourists detained here. Detained tourists every meal to pay about 50 yuan, from the airport staff ordering. The dark room facilities, only charging socket, and no bed quilt. Original title: 100 Chinese tour of Jeju Island was "black house" was much China Korean tourists in Jeju Island, the "eleven" again China tourists refused entry, was shut down "black house" event. Yesterday afternoon, the number of tourists to the Beijing News reporter to reflect that in the original deal with Chinese to citizens of the implementation of visa free travel in Jeju Island, is for various reasons refused entry, and detained, room and board are in the "black house". Chinese Consulate General in Jeju, a staff member told the Beijing News reporter responded that has been involved in coordinating the matter. Waiting at the airport of the "free" this year "eleven" before the house, Mr. Zhang in Nanjing by a tourist site, ordered the "Jeju Island 4 nights 5 walks, for his wife and together, to the so-called" romantic Jeju "island resort. Mr. Zhang had no travel experience, he told reporters that he chose Jeju Island, partly because of the distance, on the other hand, with the Jeju Island citizens of Chinese implementation of visa policy related. "It’s not as troublesome as going to other places, listening to others." In the single group of Mr. Zhang, the reporter saw, with his wife on October 6th at 7:25 in the morning, take off from Nanjing Lukou Airport, and arrive at Jeju International Airport at 10:15 local time. According to the original plan, the two will be in October 10th after 5 days, local time at noon from Jeju to return home from 11. In addition, all about 6700 yuan fare, in addition to the round-trip ticket, also includes the Jeju local Hotel 4 night stay. Because of the "visa" policy, Mr. Zhang and his wife before the trip to Korea did not apply for a visa, only carry a passport and a round-trip ticket. Let them not think that in the successful landing, entry to South Korea, but no paper inspection staff to the hotel orders "as an excuse to question its travel to Jeju Island’s motives, immediately confiscated the passport and return ticket, and the two couples in the airport" xiaoheiwu". Mr. Zhang told reporters that the inspection staff with his wife refused entry requirements, restrict the scope of their activities. "Tell us, or which airline flies, just sit change which airline to return, or waiting at the airport for return flight." From the morning of 6 so far, Mr. Zhang and his wife in the dark room clothes and sleep, meals to solve. Originally scheduled for the free trip to Jeju Island, the airport tour". Stranded more than 5 days old reporter was informed that, in the Jeju International Airport, with Mr. Zhang and his wife have experienced more than 100 Chinese tourists. Ms. Feng from Harbin, 6 am and her husband arrived at Jeju international airport. In the border, two people have been allowed to enter, who knows in the "baggage", and by the inspection staff at South korea. Ms. Feng said she and her husband home in Harbin County of Yilan, before departure, two people met 3 also went to Jeju Island Yilan villagers at the airport, in the course of contacts map相关的主题文章: