On the whole newspaper stock index attack on 3100 points, PPP concept continues to lead-索尼a350

The whole newspaper on demand: the Shanghai Stock Index attack on the 3100 point PPP concept continues to lead China card network (reporter Zhang Dandan) in early trading today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities close to open. After opening, PPP concept continues to remain active, water conservancy construction relay concept of environmental protection led the two cities. Two cities continued upward concussion in early trading, the stock index intraday accelerated rise, attack on 3100 points. At 10:40, the Shanghai index at 3101.28 points, or 0.34%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10884.59 points, or 0.21%; gem index reported 2226.18 points, or 0.15%. Industry sector, water supply, construction, insurance, machinery and other sector gainers; coal oil, wine food, culture media, animal husbandry and fishery plate decreases. The concept of plate, water conservancy construction, sewage treatment, underground pipe gallery, The Belt and Road concepts sector gainers; liquor, gaosongzhuan, intelligent mobile phone, the second concept of plate decreases. Around the market, Asian stock markets are mixed, as of press time, Hongkong Hang Seng Index fell 0.04%; Nikkei 225 index fell 0.60%; South Korea composite index rose 0.27%. Jufeng investment adviser believes that the Tuesday market shock rebound, gem, small plates rose nearly 2%, there are signs of the end of the adjustment. At present, the market has been adjusted in place, investors can gradually participate in the rebound, less positions can bargain layout three line (PPP, the concept of supply side reform, shell resource stocks).

整点播报:沪指攻上3100点 PPP概念继续领涨 中证网讯 (记者 张丹丹)今日早盘,沪深两市接近平开。开盘后PPP概念继续保持活跃,水利建设接力环保概念领涨两市。两市早盘持续震荡上行,沪指盘中加速上扬攻上3100点。截至10点40分,上证指数报3101.28点,涨幅0.34%;深成指报10884.59点,涨幅0.21%;创业板指报2226.18点,涨幅0.15%。行业板块方面,供水供气、工程建筑、保险、机械等板块涨幅居前;酿酒食品、煤炭石油、文化传媒、农林牧渔等板块跌幅居前。概念板块方面,水利建设、污水处理、地下管廊、一带一路等概念板块涨幅居前;白酒、高送转、智能手机、二胎等概念板块跌幅居前。周边市场方面,亚洲股市涨跌互现,截至发稿,香港恒生指数跌0.04%;日经225指数跌0.60%;韩国综合指数涨0.27%。巨丰投顾认为,周二市场震荡反弹,创业板、中小板涨幅近2%,有结束调整的迹象。目前市场调整已经到位,投资者可以逐步参与反弹,仓位较轻的可逢低布局三条主线(PPP概念、供给侧改革、壳资源股)。相关的主题文章: