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On the 8 major market " unspoken rule must buy "! – Sohu financial market so that people can not touch the mind. If you are ready to buy a house, it is necessary to understand all aspects of the house. Here are some of the unspoken rules listed in the property market. In the end how to buy a house? Buy gold must know the principle. The first principle: the area is always the first   what apartment layout environment ah, ah is not important, as we all know, the price of the house is mainly depend on the lot, rotten rotten apartment layout and environment of the house, as long as it is in the center of the city is not cheap, even much higher than the demolition subsidies have lots of good the. So the first house to buy lots of good, even if only 30 square meters, the house away from schools, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings are very close, in addition to some parking problems, you live (even a half) will be able to live, but the key you will not lose money, like the stock market. First of all, you promise not to lose money, you can consider the money and pension. Second principles: if the purchase of second-hand housing, we must learn to choose a reliable intermediary   in the purchase of second-hand housing only commissioned an intermediary company’s approach is not desirable. Commissioned a number of intermediary companies can get more listings information. Commissioned by the purchase of second-hand housing at the same time showed a strong desire, so as to make the intermediary companies have enough attention to you. Commissioned by the intermediary will be faster rhythm, lower prices to facilitate your transaction with the owner. However, when the intermediary must choose to entrust the intermediary, the general public is generally considered a large intermediary company is a good service, in fact, this is not objective. After all, the intermediary companies have poor service, small intermediary companies have good service. The third principle: to buy a mature community here refers to the mature community refers to the mature now. That is unless you are anxious to move into a new house tomorrow, try not to buy a house in the community, there are five reasons: 1 if you buy a house, means you have at least 2-3 years in the construction site, every day looking around the high-rise you must feel excited, just don’t go out, don’t open the window. You certainly get a gray. Of course, you still have to endure the noise of construction and decoration on Saturday. 2 a new real estate developers, new workers, new Huxing new materials. They are in a house with the hand, namely we often say "run in". As a result, you live in a run in house. The 3 phase of the house you live in, but also to endure every day home estimate door in the small ads, plug often without water, electricity, television signal is not good. Why? Because the two phase of the line to adjust the three ah. Too many reasons, and you basically do not enjoy security services security. 4 developers to change the planning is generally in a period later, anyway, you do not want to own a large garden in front of the balcony has not been planted on the grass into a house with the same height as you. This kind of thing too much, we can look at the internet. 5 you can say, I can not pay the property fee ah, sorry, you can not do, because.相关的主题文章: