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Business ON KANNADA FONTS AND SOFTWARE. KANNADA has got the reputation of being one of the oldest yet surviving languages of the world. In spite of being having an unbroken and a rich legacy of literary history of more than fifteen hundred years, the efforts of developing Kannada as a computer language were initiated just about twenty years back. Karnataka established its first software technology park in 1991 at Whitefield near Bengaluru in a technical collaboration with the Singapore government. It also became the first state to announce a policy on Information Technology. The usable versions of Kannada fonts and software are in vogue since 12-13 years or so. The Government of Karnataka, Kannada Abhivriddhi Pradhikara, Kannada Ganaka Parishat and some of the IT workers having concern for Kannada have collectively strived hard in bringing out a number of user friendly Kannada fonts and software. Some of the important Kannada fonts and software are Nudi, Baraha, Ileap, Srilipi, Akriti, Kairali, Prakashak, Brahmi, Kuvempu, Kannada Kacheri, Kannada Saurabha, Kalitha etc. Apart from these Shabdaratna, Ka Baraha, Leaplight, Leap Office are the Kannada related software that are in use. Srilipi package has multilingual and multi level applications. There are 68 Kannada modular fonts and 66 ITR fonts in this package. It can be used with 5 to 10 different keyboard layouts for at least 18 different Indian languages and also in languages having an easy interface with English. It has 320 fonts and 296 additional ITR fonts that can be used for Marathi, Sanskrit and Hindi languages. Leap Office shares a lot of similarities with the Srilipi package. KPRao and Shabdaratna software are easy to use, even operators not familiar with Kannada can also use these software.The special feature of Shabdaratna is that it is available in dual-language versions as Kannada-English and Hindi-English. Ka Baraha and Ba Baraha are the two software that are easily adaptable in the computer and the must use for a Kannada learner through computer. Any one familiar with the English typing can easily use this Kannada software. Kalitha is the Bench Mark Software developed by the Kannada Ganaka Parishat. This software is readily available on its website for free! Baraha is also available free of cost over the internet, but the premium version is not a freeware. In Kannada, Baraha literally means "Writing". This was released in 1998 as a freeware in order to popularize the usage of Kannada language software in the cyber world. Today millions across the world are using Baraha for creating content in Indian languages. Baraha has broken the most challenging hurdle of Key board barrier. A phonetic key board is used and hence the user can switch in between Kannada and English language typing in computers without a least of discomfort. Nudi is a computer program and font encoding standard used for displaying and managing the modern Kannada script in computers and is available as a freeware in the official website of Kannada Ganaka Parishat. Among the various versions of Nudi, Nudi 4.0 is currently in use. This software has compatibility with most of the Windows data based programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: