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Officials ordered the killing relatives into a TV drama mistress prototype landing CCTV original title: "the weekend]FM story: the explosive death? Lover? — a deputy provincial officials life puzzle break first, and some meaning in this way to leave his office. The pen on the desk is still waiting for him to sign his name on the thick paper, which is still waiting in the yard for his special car. Walk next to the hospital, he seemed to hear it coming from the engine roaring sound. And he knew that he would never come back again. In August 2016, a film called "people’s prosecutor" of the TV series in the CCTV prime time hit. The first episode describes the occurrence of a red flag explosion occurred in downtown, was killed on the spot is a young woman named Liu Ping". The prototype of the case is a real murder that took place nine years ago. The reason again described, not because it is a gimmick, but because it is behind the painful lessons set people thinking. This kind of difficult for ordinary people to understand the tragic means, in a period of fourteen years of love, and ultimately to the parties being killed, was sentenced to death and the end. July 9, 2007 afternoon, rush hour, Ji’nan, Jianshe Road, a busy and congested sections. Close to 17:30, near the middle of the road on the road suddenly "bang bang, bang the tremendous impact of tearing up a Honda car, the female owner was blown to separate from the body, the bloody scenes of unacceptable. The explosion also caused another person minor injuries, a minor injury, a taxi scrapped. What caused the explosion? Was it an accident or a terrorist attack? Ministry of public security experts rushed to the scene the first time, so many people did not expect is that the explosion was caused by the strict control of high explosive TNT. Only four days, the suspect is the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial procuratorate composed of joint investigation team control. More people can not believe is the case, the main culprit turned out to be a deputy provincial officials — when he was Secretary of the Ji’nan Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee and section. Only one hour, Duan Yihe acknowledged "7.9 explosion" is letting his own nephew son Chen for. Then, a deputy provincial officials, why so bad, cruel and sensational method, killing a young woman? The human puzzle in righteousness and gradually open confession. Love and desire a lot of contact section of righteousness and the people of his evaluation is low-key, courteous and accessible, of noble character and high prestige, failing to calm. However, from the interrogation by the beginning of the second, sixty-one years of his life will be frozen in fear and the collapse of the icicles. In the period of righteousness and confession, he will this bizarre murder, a dew of love comes down to fourteen years ago. In 1993, when he was Secretary of the Party committee, deputy director of Shandong Province Bureau of justice and the electronics industry segment was sent to Liaocheng attachment, at the age of forty-seven. The long-term separation from their loved ones and lonely heart of ordinary life to interwoven, he began a period called the "stimulus" affair. At this time, the hotel has a waiter named Liu Haiping, camp相关的主题文章: