Nutritional benefits of eating cherries during pregnancy more than Sohu maternal and child-plants war

Pregnancy diet nutritional benefits – Cherry Sohu, a mother during pregnancy to eat cherry 1, contains a lot of nutritional benefits of cherry contains vitamins and minerals, protein, iron, calcium and other minerals, therefore, cherry can be very healthy snacks during pregnancy. To reduce the number of pregnant women with dementia become pregnant when you become pregnant, you can choose to eat cherries. Cherry is rich in anthocyanins, can effectively reduce the risk of dementia related diseases. A lot of cherry nutrition, pregnant women can eat. Help regulate blood pressure, cherries are rich in potassium, can help regulate blood pressure, as well as the threat of pre eclampsia. So if you have high blood pressure during pregnancy, you can eat more cherries. Nutrition and low calorie if you are worried about getting too much weight during pregnancy, you can choose to eat cherries. Cherries are rich in nutrients, low in calories, and don’t add too much weight. Rapid postpartum recovery, according to the study, cherry has anti-inflammatory properties, can relieve muscle soreness and help early recovery. So you can eat more cherries after the birth, so that your body quickly restored. Can promote sleep due to the stomach caused by discomfort, may make it difficult for you to fall asleep, but cherry can help you. Cherry contains melanin, it can promote sleep. Constipation is a common problem in pregnant women, and you can eat cherries to help your bowel movements. Cherries are rich in dietary fiber, eat a bowl every day you can treat constipation. Immunity can improve immunity during pregnancy will decline, it is prone to disease and infection. Cherries are rich in vitamin C, can improve your immunity, make you healthy. Two, pregnant women eat cherry notes, only eat cherry cherry pulp plant leaves, bark and seeds contain hydrocyanic acid, a poisonous substance, so please remember, you can only eat cherry flesh itself. Ask your doctor whether you want to add any food to your diet, ask a doctor in advance. If you are a patient with gestational diabetes, you must ask the doctor before you eat. Note that some of the food after the exception of some reports pointed out that pregnant women eat cherries after abdominal distention, stomach gas, abdominal pain, you may develop a food aversion. If you have any discomfort with cherries, seek medical attention immediately.相关的主题文章: