Note white appliances in kitchen electric market market growth mixed market

Note: white appliances in kitchen electric market market growth mixed market Author: Yin Qing imperceptibly, time has entered August, the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games has been successfully concluded. In the first half of this year, more or less a number of changes, whether it is a series of historical changes in the political landscape, or all kinds of fresh science and technology products, has attracted public attention. And our family indispensable home appliance market, in the six months and what new changes? The white Market: the first half of the joy and sorrow, competition is still fierce since 2014, China’s home appliance market began to enter a period of adjustment, can clearly see that the home appliance industry growth tends to stable. This is also a symbol of the home appliance industry entered a mature period, since then, the home appliance industry has been unable to replicate the rapid growth of the past. The demand for housing and other conditions of the white power industry, in 2016 tend to smooth. The washing machine for example, released from Ovid cloud data, the first half of 2016 the domestic washing machine market product sales of 14 million 640 thousand units, total sales amounted to 26 billion 300 million yuan, this data compared to last year fell 4.6%. As can be seen, white electricity companies in the second half is still not optimistic. Nevertheless, the first half of 2016, the white power industry competition is still fierce. Because Internet plus thought deepening, black giant also to the low prices more Internet and cheap products to enter the white power industry. As the military will grab the land, has become the current trend of intelligent home appliance industry. In the introduction of sensor technology, network communication technology, such as home appliances, the traditional home appliances can also have a sense of state and other functions. But the current smart home appliances in terms of technology, standards, there is still insufficient, how to enhance the next step is the white car manufacturers. At the same time, on the current situation, the consumer’s propensity to purchase has changed from price to quality first. "2016 in the first half of China’s home appliance online shopping analysis report," pointed out that embedded kitchen electric, 4K Ultra HD TV, cross door refrigerator and more than 65 inches and more high-end flat-panel TV sales growth continued to improve. According to relevant data show that the proportion of retail sales accounted for 15.3% of the smart air conditioning market, an increase of 183.8%; smart refrigerator retail sales accounted for more than 10.5%, an increase of 438.2%. Therefore, the further development of white electricity manufacturers should not only start from the price, but should return to the product itself. In the first half of this year, air conditioning sales reached 46 million 690 thousand units, an increase of 4.7%, sales of $154 billion 300 million, an increase of 2.1%. This also marks the pace of air-conditioning industry restructuring will accelerate. According to the survey, in the end of 3000 to 5000 yuan air conditioning by the highest degree of concern, it can be seen that the current consumer attitudes change in high-end products, make the further development of space, continued to haunt the manufacturers price war or is expected to end. In the first half of 2016, the white market, washing machines have good growth. According to statistics, 2016 in the first quarter of the drum washing machine accounted for an increase of 28.5%, an increase of 4.2%. It is worth noting that, according to the PRC set data, consumer.相关的主题文章: