Not afraid of thieves camera while the waiter no money to start sleeping very uncomfortable in Beiji-www.8008205555

Not afraid of thieves camera while the waiter: no money to start sleeping very uncomfortable – Beijing newspaper news September 14th just released from prison a week, regardless of the thief in front of the camera, while the cafe waiter sleeping to steal, guts is really big ah! According to Harbin Dongfeng police station Zhang Luzhi introduced as early as August 31st, the area of a cafe owner said the Internet theft alarm. Surveillance video shows that 6, 1 am, Internet cafes are sleeping next to the counter, a man walked gently to the counter, quietly took the money inside. Ready to leave, the waiter opened his eyes, but she only saw the eyes open drawer, habitually hand drawer tight, but did not see the man. During the process, the man looked up several times to see the surveillance camera, but he still calmly start, no worries. By monitoring, the police confirmed that the suspect’s physical characteristics, in the 12 arrested. After the interrogation, the man surnamed Zhou, just a week before their release, is a recidivist, "no money is very uncomfortable, I didn’t want to dry up the old bank." Zhou said. Currently, Zhou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (Li Weibing)相关的主题文章: